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Artist: Chino XL f/ Travis Barker *
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Reguarding Elizabeth (Save Me)
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* Travis Barker plays drums throughout, no vocals

[Chino XL]
Yeah, uh, yeah!
I'm high, feelin like I'm walkin in clouds
Insane faces starin at me as I move through the crowd
Feelin like the whole world just took a wickedness vow
Ridiculous how haters replaced all religiousness now
Stop off in front of a church, I kneel and I bow
Black Rosary for all the pain I kept in my file
Never reciprocated all the hurt that my mom allowed
to happen to me, the amount of tears I shed could've drowned
Now, all I wanna do is make my little girls proud
And, pray my death is quiet but my funeral's loud
When, I'm feelin inspired reachin my inner child
I witnessed my illusion shatter with no angels around
I'm hopin this explains why my hate and my anger's abound
Abused and threatened with death if I had dare made a sound
Knocked to the floor, silently curled up on the ground
I guess blood's a rite of passage on the way to the crown (crown)

[Chorus: Chino XL]
Save me, I think I'm goin crazy
So won't you just pray for me
I'm fallin deeper than I've gone before
Made me, I'm thinkin that maybe
If somebody prays for me
I won't fall deeper than I've gone before

[Chino XL]
Uh... I think I'm losin it man

I knew she loved me but it wasn't the time
There was so much left for me to do so far from my prime
In hindsight I probably should've sacrificed with a model
A bedroom apartment was leakin, I was out of my mind
I was young, ain't know who I was, how could I respond?
That abortion went against my principles, am I wrong?
Really like sellin my spirit {?} in different forms
Three months in the stomach, that fetus knew my voice when I talk
Yeah, it was her decision too but I should've fought
And havin beautiful children later enhances the thought
I should've never waivered or caved in or stated a call
I hated all things livin, my descension and fall
Apologies in the song but I swear I was lost
Hope it wasn't painful when your little light was cut off
As my ex laid there bleedin started feelin remorse
I prayed there's forgiveness for me as I'm huggin this cross (cross)


[Chino XL]
I just can't
I just can't get it together yo
I can't get it together

I see her outside playin now and then
Shoot at bruises on her arms like she fell off her Schwinn
Paid it no mind, not blind, guess it is what it is
Plus I was havin my own drama with the mom of my kids
Ironically, she became one of my daughter's friends
Such a tiny little thing, her name was Elizabeth
Her family stayed right down the hall from where we lived
Sometimes I thought I heard her screamin, man these walls are thin
Tried to sleep right after tuckin my princess in
Starin at the ceiling know I need to mind my own biz
But flashbacks of my own childhood would spin
of my step-father's abuse, little girl's innocent
I seen her father one time, he's a cop and a pig
Her momma ex-beauty queen turned heroin fiend
One day at the pool my family wanted to swim
I seen Elizabeth there, with a bruise on her chin
A cut on her ribs, bite mark on her chest
She cried, "Do you even have to ask?" when questioned "Who did this?"
I seen the fear through her eyes and scratched retina lid
Man I was gone in the head, and I just couldn't sit
I flipped! You might think that I am crazy
But I can't let him hurt this baby
I kicked in the door with no gun in my hand
"You wanna fight somebody motherfucker? You fight a man!" (man, man)
I'm in prison now for what I did
Her dad can never hurt Elizabeth again cause he's dead (yeah)