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Artist: Chino XL f/ Rakaa Iriscience, Roc Marciano
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Take it Back
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[Intro: sample of "Time" by Lou Rawls]
"All things in their tiiiiiiiiiiiime..."

[Chino XL]
I'll take you back fifteen years, analyze
Every verse is cleaner than a surgeon's hands when they've been sanitized
I'll take you back to the panic when rap was dangerous
Blastin EPMD outta them classic Jeep Wranglers
I'll take you back to a different time
Spazzin like River Phoenix outside of The Viper Room the night he died
Back to paying dues, spit and lit a fuse
with the mathematical aeronautical cynic mind of Howard Hughes
Abnormality, I'll take it back to originality
If I'm insane then rap is my insanity (for real)
I'll take it back like an Indian giver
Yo scratch that term, I'd rather throw a white cowboy in the river
I'll take it back, full rage
Performin "How Ya Like Me Now" with Kool Moe Dee right up on the same stage
Let's get back to the basics
Zookeepers need to put a diaper on Chino when he goes ape-shit
Hip-Hop is a great ship, let me steer it
My skill level's so high that when I rhyme only dogs hear it
The +Ghetto Vampire+ that's walkin in the sunlight
The Lyric Christ, I turn entire blocks to mass grave sites
I will brolic Brock Lesnar your career
Chino got more soul/Seoul than the capital of Korea
I'm bringin wind storms, rain, darkness and drear
Puncture heart valves, paintin nightmares in blood smears (take it back)
'98, I'd like to take it back
Still only attract women that think that murder's an aphrodisiac
A lot of cats that just hopped into this artform
are like photographers that never stepped inside a darkroom
I'll take it back to when I wanted to be Tito from The Fearless Four
The illest Puerto Rican I had ever saw
Studied Cool J, studied Kool G, studied Ice-T
Now I meet little homies that say they study me

[Chorus: samples scratched by DJ Romes]
"Take it back" {*scratches*}
"What we gonna do right here is go, go back"
"Take it back" {*scratches*}
{*scratches*} "Way back"
"Take it back" {*scratches*}
"Back in the days when I was a teenager"
"Take it back" {*scratches*}
"For all the pioneers, I'm goin way back!"

[Rakaa Iriscience]
Uh, I'll take it back but still tomorrow on these yesterday cats
Matter fact, seldom took it back, I meant to say that
I'll take it back to the original, "King of Style" Kase 2
Frequent letters with one arm and watch them biters waste two
Take it back to unity, rest in peace Bigga B
Rob-One, Roc Raida, King Dream, S.M.D.
Take it back to 1580 KDAY for the cuts
Take it back to only leavin "yo" on the Toyota trucks
I take it back to fast break, Magic, Worthy, Laker raps
Some quietly claim, but some violently bang on wax
Croker sack, house shoes, hats with the golf clubs
Back to educated rap, back before we all thugs
Take it back to dignity, I bet it isn't, promise me
Trace the map and watch the crack spread Reaganomically
I'm a full-time warrior, I'm a warzone journalist
Earnin hazard pay, Rakaa's live where the inferno is


[Roc Marciano]
Chino, what's good my nigga?
Y'know we gotta do it, yo

Niggaz who order Gazelles had all the females
Be tell in the Benz SCL
She smell like TCB gel, treat a freak well
Cause I pay attention to detail
Pinky ring long fingernail to hit fishscale
But that ain't how we get down
I'd rather pull a heist, skip town
Up in your wig I pump six rounds, big rope Slick Rick style
Mot rap, '89 Rolex vets
Poets, Tecs, on the Polo tech's sweats
Cokeheads took PRO-Keds steps
While connects roll in the LS with leather headrests
My waves lay in Indian hemp
O.G. revolver like Billy the Kid's
Squeeze trig's in millenium skid
The condominium was big, that's that brilliant kid

[Chorus] - minus last line

"Back in the days I knew rap would never die~!"