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Artist: Chino XL f/ Bun B
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Xross Your Heart
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[Intro: Bun B]
Okay, mic check one-two
Check one-two
Burn up the booth
Showin out in this bitch

[Bun B]
They say the meek shall inherit the Earth, well I'ma fuck meek daughter
Marry her then kill meek's father
Once his ass die and she inherit the shit
Man I'ma cock back the heat and straight bury this bitch
Bun B, carnivore, a predator
Wanna war, get your metal up; I'm the victor, niggaz settle up
Next up, bring me another competitor
Set him up and I'ma shut him down, bet it up
Straight fact, cock the eight back and wet him up
Shit feels so good I just might get a nut
No homo, kill his ass for free and call it promo
Yo' ass I'ma do you for the low low
Pull out the fo'-fo'; the bullet flies so fast
But when it hits yo' ass, you gon' die so slow
It'll seem like an eternity, but it was a flash
And then it was over and that was yo' ass

[Chorus: Bun B]
We them, bad things that go bump in the night
And we them, boogeymen that have you jumpin with fright
So when we, come out the shadows and black your eye
You better, cross your heart and hope to die
Cause you can, talk the talk but tell no lie
And you can, walk the walk, just walk on by
Cause we are, killers by nature, that's no lie
You better, cross your heart and hope to die

[Chino XL]
Yo, yeah, yo
This is the crown jewel of my symphony of an animal
I jump out the shadows and ravel when God is mad at you
I promise you my imbalance is chemical
You know how many prescriptions get ran through like Karrine Steffans genitals
Anticipatin your death
The left side of my brain ain't thinkin right, and in the right side there was nothin left
Last breath struggle
I think outside the box to put you inside of a box like a crossword puzzle
.380 with the muzzle, be afraid like I'm Haiti trouble
Never half hustle, shoot Russell in the calf muscle
I'm the reason for your homies' disappearances
But keep that off the record like songs with no sample clearances
All that fearless shit perishes when I'm striking
These niggaz is so over the hill it's like they hiking
Hide your baby's mama, you don't want no drama
Chino got more llamas than a Middle Eastern farmer
Damage tu cara, leavin your body eviscerated
Committed acts ungodly worser than you anticipated
We take no prisoners nigga, we just don't want 'em
We murder every soldier that they send until they stop comin


Cross your heart and hope to die