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Artist: Chino XL
Album:  One Million Strong Volume 2
Song:   Heavenly Father
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Heavenly father I need some direction in my life
Heavenly father I apologise I'm just trying to make things right
Heavenly father I never had a father down here to show me how
Right now, Right now, Right now, Right now, I need you Right now
I need you, Right now, I need you right now

[Chino XL]
How could I just send them away (I miss my daughters man)
The question is what kind of daddy? (Shit's for real)
I just put them on a plane when I promised I would stay
With them forever till the end of my days (My decisions)
I deserve to be shot in my chest
Trying to put it back together like a tribe called quest (yes)
Deep down in the depths, of my spirit I can't feel it
They will never quite forgive it, they thought daddy was perfect (nope)
I had to make the time worth it
That's why as an artist and a man I have finally scratched the surface (ok)
Twelve years straight with my babies
I even left the business to raise my little ladies (that's crazy)
Life had my burnt out
sorry I couldn't stay with your mom it just couldn't work out (Uh-Uh)
When she left us all alone and it was just us three
I had to send you to my mama to work, I'm sorry


[Chino XL]
It should have never got this far but it did (Uh-Uh)
I got feelings for you are you sure you wanna have this kid? (Come on)
It's already growing in your tummy, and you're so beautiful
When I say you love me? / Do You Love me? (You do not)
That was the deal when I started falling for you; you had already fallen for me
I swear I never knew (At all)
In hindsight I probably a fool not to notice, to busy rapped up in this showbiz
Plus you was his (yeah)
But when he went away to do his bid, and didn't even write you
You called me for advice's (Why?)
You called me to put money on his books; he was my man so of course
I just ignored your looks (completely)
Now my minds ruined your such a women, I got attracted to your movements
I'm so wrong
To my homie when you hear this song your right to hate me
I call your girl mommy cause she having my baby (what have I done?)



[Chino XL]
You cut your hand I cut my hand that Indian tradition
Momma threw me out the crib, you gave a place to live in
I gave you empty promises, the streets gave you drugs
we was blood brothers and shit
I just turn my back and run
I couldn't deal with seeing you so strung-out (nope)
Giving you money killed you slow I see that now (yeah)
I haven't been back to the hood in quite a while
So as my plane touched down I found it hard to smile (uh.)
You fathered a child that's my goddaughter Jesus
She's so big and pretty you wouldn't believe this
How she get a raspy voice just like yours
How crash and flip three times in that Honda accord (How?)
You was high outta your mind on dust and weed
Police lights flashing behind you as you speed
Memories of us rollin pennies just to get to NYC on a train to get a deal for me
It was your decision to go a different way
I think about it every day, but now your mind gone
Can't talk and you breathing on life support as I pull the cord
I'm asking the lord
..God forgive me