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Artist: Chino XL f/ Rama Duke
Album:  Under the Bridge {S}
Song:   Under the Bridge
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[Intro: Chino XL] + (Rama Duke)
It's hard to, hard to, hard to, hard to
It's hard to believe that, there's nobody out there
(I'm here for you, I'll never leave you)

[Chino XL]
For the escapism I almost sold my soul
Underneath the bridge like a grumpy old troll
Hands pullin me below inside of gray powdered snow
For them cylindrical capsules I'd let my last dollar go
My emotions volatile, on this potion I'm irresponsible
Found my love, take it in vain, easin the pain from a while ago
Tryin to turn my mind new, however minute
My childhood was cool but liquid in the spoon's makin my past tolerable
As lonely as I am, I wanted to die {not yet}
I drive on the street like she's my only companion
Hurtin without her I'd certainly be deceased hangin (yeah)
A beast with fangs, an unleashed anger that's only calm
by that warm needle when it's pushed perfectly
through dirty feeble epidermis on my arm
Gone, fetal and numb
Like a pharoah that's slumberin eternally in his fine tomb
Actually woke up to nurses inside of a white room embalmed
But I'm still in love with Miss Herron; still glad that I put her on
At least I have her love, together we cry
So I'ma stick with you~!

[Chorus: Rama Duke] + (Chino XL)
I don't ever wanna feel
Like I did that day
Take me to a place I love
Take me all the way (I'ma stick with you!)
I don't ever wanna feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the wayyyyy, yeahhhh

[Chino XL]
Yeah, yeah
I tried to step into the light but it was blinding
Tryin to cover up my tracks like a little Danny in "The Shining" (red rum)
In rehab, she left me and it tore me apart
My God, you could hear the scar tissue shatter inside of my heart
The same miss that saved me from the abyss of the dark
Became my muse and assisted me with my twisted art
Her thorns sharp, I'm the rose petal that fell from its pedestal
Unbearable God witnesses, the frozen princesses couldn't let it go
The interruption of a king, my slim heroines grin
Taught me that I had even more to lose than everything
She kills sufferin, she's too good to be true
They wanna take my interest from syringes but I'ma stick with you
I never worry, now that is a lie
I'ma stick with you!


[Chino XL] + (Rama Duke)
Yeah, yeah, I'ma stick with you!
(Yeahhhhh yeahhhh)
I'ma stick with you!
(Ohhhhhh, I said yeahhh yeahhh)
I'ma stick with you!
(Help me, I said yeah yeahhhh)
Oh my God, I found my love
I gave my life away, I'ma stick with you!

[Rama Duke]
Under the bridge downtown
is where I drew some blood
Under the bridge downtown
I could not get enough
Under the bridge downtown
Oh God, I found my love
Under the bridge downtown
I gave my life awayyyyyyyyyyy!

[Chino XL] + (Rama Duke)
Yeah, it's crazy!
I'm in the middle of a storm nobody understands
Buryin myself with my own hands (awayyyyyyyyyyy!)
I'm high as Jim Morrison and I feel free
'Til I'm dead in the bathtub she's stayin with me (awayyyyyyyyyyy!)
All I need is a push and a couple CC's
'Til my demons inside are endangered species - yeah!
She's my priestess and she gives me what this priest needs (I said yeah yeahhh)
I'ma stick with you until I O.D. (stick with me)