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Artist: Christbearer
Album:  Passion of Christ EP
Song:   Da Money
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Christbearer]
You gotta pay the price, for real
Everything cost out here, it all boil down to the money
For real, that money

She wanna go to S.C., but her mother hold, way to slow to pay the fee
The daddy climb ass butt naked up a tree, her brother Gas, last LP was a flee
Back in that yesterday, she used to shake her ass
Hang a little glass, years go by fast
Now the world revolves around cash
She want cash, but her looks won't last
He know his love won't pay the rent
And the nigga Gas, last due date the tenth
He think it's only one way to pimp
If you don't make dollars, it don't make sense
So we doubled up a nickel box of candy pops
Then we toast drop, make our caddy in the stock
But it was too late for Lonnie
Throw away bullshit like now the boy shot it

[Chorus: Christbearer]
She wanna ride, but the gas cost money
He holding dollars, but the ass cost money
He want the glass, but the crash cost money
Three four nine it, roll, cash money
She wanna boss, but the floss cost money
He want to toss, but the source cost money
She took the loss, cuz the cost cost money
Three four nine it, roll, cash money

She want the legal for the cream
Got the sun dial sheen, just the life's a dream
At first at Magic City, shaking titties, she was green
They screaming "tipdrill", asking niggas what it mean
Said it's a mission, it was only for tuition
Once we good on exposition, never Sunday, she's a Christian
She said a preacher never preached in that position
That's the Bible, read the chapter, the King James edition
He hit the buzzer for the nurse
Next patient left the hospital, where momma left her purse
She snatched the pocketbook, and caught a thirst
With a twizzler in his back, fuck it, she can have it worse
In retrospect, he thought he shouldn't have done it
Better yet, quick to pistol it, until the rent
But eight hundred, was a young teen summit
Which is better than running, til the propane numbing