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Artist: Christbearer
Album:  Passion of Christ EP
Song:   I Don't Know
Typed by: Cno Evil

"I don't know, why I love you...
 I don't know why, I love you...
 I don't know, why I love you...
 But I love you..." - sample repeated through the song

[Intro: Christbearer]
Yeah, I don't know why...
Alotta people asking me why, you know it's like...
I don't really know... if you don't know, I don't know...
Everybody think they know... but ya'll don't know, though
Youknowhatimsaying? You really got to know, that's what's up
For real... I ain't lying..

Yo, big booty Sally, had slid up in the alley
Roaches in the racks and the Officer O'Malley
Pam got to raise ten heads
Pee in the bed, while ya welfare feds
I said, Betty in the lust, til dust
Trying to eat, and the seat smell like must
Bring them that believe to achieve
Even though the end is at it's eve
Yo, and that night, I walked with honor
Just to prove the devil is a liar...
Sheeba got to serve, big herb
Under the cherry moon and ghetto bird
Again, Pam, in the pen, for sin
Though she living once, so she shouldn't be again
Dina and her meaner, that lost some of her kin
And a few friends dedicated to them

[Interlude: Christbearer]
To con men... to all men...
To women... to child... to hot... to mild
Cold... to every living soul...
To seeing... to sight... those, though they got to get it right
Believers, under achievers, liars, for diers
For life givers, those, who understand and deliver
For those who think, those who don't not see
For ghetto's, for projects, for slums, the bums...
The waiyos... yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

I knew my mother was sick before she died
For ease and when it hit, I never cried
But weeded in the mex, in my arms she lied
I watch the address, to pimp the other side
Before I detonate, you take it away
Break up the night and break up the day
Floating next to people and you wake up a late
Toss Abraham's roses, and Jacob the prey
I never cursed God, just questioned
Painted visions of my very first lesson
To live on the Earth, is a blessing
And the wicked was unrehearsed testing

[Outro: Christbearer]
Yo, God, yo, you know it? You know it?
You know! I did not know...
Now I know... peace...