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Artist: Christbearer f/ Leviathan, Skarekrow
Album:  Passion of Christ EP
Song:   Passion of Christ
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Christbearer]
Yo, this about to rip through the O-Zone...
Through your space, and really, really, really
Feel it, what you feel, and being real
Youknowhatimsaying? This bout seeing them digits
That picture... that getting into that own dimension
The doors... have that Passion... that Passion...
Smashing... youknowhatimsaying? This bout seeing that digits
Seeing them pictures...

I sit up on my challace, watch, a man from my challace
In the County's malace palace
The astronomical canatical
The phenomenal aboninable, constaple chronicle
Why, the God of Jihad and Farrad
And the devil phasad, ready to midnight maraude
Why, the low key dope beat
With swords like Shinobi, the Long Beach O.G.
Why, calamity and amity, could front on the cant it be
Insane and sanity, all is family
Why, the can, or and, on, highlander
A command commander, and hit a bystander
Why, had a clinic leautinent, authentic, alchemist
That keep the penant, with no limit...
Why... how to read jiver, liver
Ride up on cabala, and beat like Ali Baba
Why, the high priced ice, that hit the white rice
On the dice, and the Passion of Christ

[Chorus 2X: Christbearer]
Being real... being real...
Youknowhatimsaying? This bout seeing them digits
That picture...

[Interlude: Skarekrow]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I feel you my nigga Christbearer
Yeah, this is a Passion, this is that shit
You gotta feel in your bones, so don't even spit it
Youknowhatimsaying? It's the one, Skarekrow, man
You know, another banger, for your heads
Yeah, we gon'give you these lyrics, check it out...

My niggas leave you with more knots, than spots on a leopard
The crocodile sheppard, leave teeth marks on records
Bit microphone, full funeral homes
That's right, boy, you in the danger zone
Hook up with M.C.'s, make love to MP's
Have natural labor, and give birth to CD's
Drop niggas on they head like careless babysitters
You build ya best verses, and I flush 'em down the shitter
Tear out ya tongue, feed it to my scavengers
Call remark 'em, my chest lead, every father intelligent
Who dying on this mission, got malnutrition
Went up against Krow, and didn't survive the colission

[Chorus 2X w/ ad-libs]

[Interlude: Leviathan]
Yeah, yeah, ya'll should be..
Fuck these gimmicks, it's survival of the fittest
Youknowhatimsaying? Ya'll far ass niggas, I had intimidated
You want it, go and get it

We got to be your favorite M.C.'s on the stereo
Can't miss our styles, all our rhymes sounding ghetto
I'm not giving a fuck, as long as I get back
Throw my raps, to a chosen few, understand these actual facts
A wise one, one told me a little
If you don't stand for something, you bound to fall hard
On a wild part, instead of shining like a star...
Now show 'em who you are, I said that's damn right, prophet
I'm bout to wipe these bars, leaving scars so deep
And will increase them out they slumber
Straight to the point, so there's no need to wonder
While I spark this blunt, my brainstorm lightning thunders
Never run for cover, you know you hear me calling you
You can't hide forever, cuz Babylon will cover you
This is for the evil, collapse in your ceiling
Abraham's semen making sacrificial killings

[Chorus 2X w/ ad-libs]