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Artist: Christbearer
Album:  Passion of Christ EP
Song:   Shimmy, Shimmy
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Christbearer]
Shimmy, shimmy... shimmy, shimmy
(Wait, Coco, Coco, slow down, slow down
Slow down for a second) coco-pop, coco-pop, coco-pop
(Who you with, homegirl, what's up with her?
You can do something, you make wanna say...)

[Chorus: Christbearer]
Shimmy, shimmy, coco-pop (Shimmy, shimmy, coco-pop)
I like it, when she, make it drop (I like it, when she, make it drop)
We can shake and dance in the middle of the club
(We can shake and dance in the middle of the club)
I don't really wanna dance, just wanna make love
(I don't really wanna dance, I just wanna make love)

Step up in the club, seen a whoop like 'gimme'
Dance with a nigga, come get a cup of Henny
Shake it to the bar, quick, shake to the back
I can shake ya hand, or you can shake back
Let's take a trip, make a toast, all lovely
Bring a CD, I'm home for a rhyme noodle
Weed's in the pose, and the pose is like bubbly
Toke a shot of cogniac, and I'm just set in toast
And then close, we can make the party crash, I
Peel off your jeans, smoke the leaves in the rap bar
Hell, you can tell, that I wanna make love
Face, here's to tell, I brought that ass here to dub
I like the way you break it down (baby, back it up
Baby, back it up, baby, back it up)
Eightball, in the hole, now (baby, back it up
Baby, back it up, baby, back it up)


[Hook 2X: Christbearer]
Now when I say shimmy, you say pop
Shimmy (pop), shimmy (pop)
Now when I say coco, you say drop
Coco (drop), coco (drop)

When the East Coast first, hit nursery
It exactly blew my mind
When the West Coast brag, break and
Hit casket, we go and grind
When the Mid West and the Dirty, got dirt
They keep on shining
Put the whole globe, in the bank roll
I'm folding... the world is mine

[Chorus to fade]