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Artist: Crazy f/ Paul Wall, Slay Sean
Album:  Us Killin Us
Song:   Floss My Shit
Typed by: Lil Hustle

What, D-Town, T-Town, D-Town

Mean mug in this bitch, I'm bout to thug in this bitch
Pull my whip up in the front, so I can floss my shit
Pull a hoe in this bitch, pop some Mo' in this bitch
Pull my whip up to the front, so I can floss my shit

Spin a bend in a big body, sitting on 24's
Fuck all you hating niggaz, I just wanna see your hoe
Thugging up in Texas, me Slay Sean and Paul Wall
Niggaz bout that beef shit, we put they brains on the wall
Trying to get this paper dog, drug shit rap shit
In the club all night, a habit that I can't quit
I'm looking at this bad bitch, cat eyes brown skin
Trying to bust a nut, like a nigga home from the Penn
Let's take it to the Northside, Southside niggaz ride
Max's, Cristal's, Cabo's and we all high
New Orleans to Texas, I still don't trip
On the highway, mixing Hennessey with that dip come on


[Paul Wall]
I pull up to the club and toss my keys, to the valet parker
My car's candy paint change colors, like a magic marker
I got expensive conversation, my mouth got sparkles
But if you talk down, then you gon feel the heat from my tacos
It's a lot of people hating, wanting to see me fall
But you better off looking inside my trunk, to see them T.V.'s fall
I got candy on chrome when I ball, 24 inch rims so I'm tall
Step in the club come one come all, all eyes on me it's that playa Paul Wall
I see some ladies jooking, I see some haters looking
For the patrone so now I'm cooking, police trying to take me to central booking
I'm bout my money mayn, VVS stones in my chain
Love of my life I can't complain, I'm fly like debris in a hurricaine
I'm in the club I'm VIP, I'm starching down I'm fresh white tee
I'm feeling like I'm on a shopping spree, I'm at the bar all drinks on me
Feeling good is my repitua, candy paint dripping off my car
At the club living large by far, me and Crazy some superstars


[Slay Sean]
I roll through the club, like fuck y'all niggaz
I got my heat already cocked, I'll bust y'all niggaz
Don't let me call up the click, they'll crush y'all niggaz
Treat you just like a bitch, I'll touch y'all niggaz
I like to get my shine on, I get's my grind on
I've been eagerly waiting to blow, just like a time bomb
I got Crazy with me, and Paul Wall with me
I got niggaz in the N.O., ready to clown with me
Eastside (Eastside), Southside (Southside)
Nigga coast to coast, that's how we ride
I push your forehead backwards, I'm deadly with the ratchet
Clap it, make bitch niggaz flip backwards
Follow the procedure, or get hit with the Nina
Wrap you up dump your body, say I never seen ya
I'm a felony dog, you just a misdemeanor
Better think twice, before fucking with click breeders
I'm a felony dog, you just a misdemeanor
Better think twice, before fucking with click breeders