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Artist: The Cuf f/ Living Legends
Album:  I Love This Game
Song:   Cuf Legends
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Uh.. Cuf and the Living Legends..yeah yeah Sacramento

[N8 the GR8]
I jump into this Demmie Like a Tammy 
Felling Flamy Nominate the Great
For Sammy's Bammy's and Grammy's
But not for recognition cause they recognize
Can't jeopardize themselve expose my family's eyes
and my image size that limit's the skies
So I stay high like my raps do
Why you fly low puff the post like steel then feel me 
Pop the most coast to coast, reel to reel
Though I'm not as close as I need to be
My life ain't living easily
No joke when your dope and flat broke
Ain't no poke shit slow quick teasing me early spit flows 
Figure not that big but playa should have got low from the get go
How pathetic a medic wouldn't help this problem
It's mathematics so forget it trigonometry wouldn't solve this 
Anatomically correct erect Nut sack 
Like a T-Rex soft sack no C-Rex
Any spot small to hall outta control like 
Rap Rap Rap Rap yes yes yall
And I ain't stopping trips dropping like 
Haints saints fame cause they can't 
Hop without a hips which gots ya floppin
If you were knew of you I'ma do-er 
What do you do play with Barbies?
I'ma curer talk shit like a sewer crew

(scratching) I hope my legendary style 
Or Rap lives on

Promoters like us on their flyers
cause my crew's like directions we show you where to go 
Now how to get their that's your lesson 
Best to Cheive by the quotes of your intelligence measured 
in the increments to bare you a jack-ass
Arrest accuse a jerk who think you rap fast 
Master the art, attack and punch lines to get the quad fast
And assiful other writers where you feel most comfortable 
No worries of getting ate up
I did the other rhyme and got you a girl 
The little name up on walls of your city 
After ripping up these shows is feeding these titties
Oh they belong to your queen, oh that's a pity
The circumstance of the life of an emcee a dope one of that 
You won't forget me or never get with me

[Soul Clap]
Bang tighter than my lower back hurt
And neck whipped bless off some tuff shit
Just to wreck this thing we bang here 
Mic still replace the beer tai blo's spoff home
5 on 5 jump out fall into the press 
Just to bless it again test a fate 
Then create his wings to protect ya man
Drive a tech less is in Anti 2 ain't playin
Heard ya slaying switch ya land and pain ya felt
Hand delt by ya maka Peace be upon ya 
Faka lies up ya staff back servive a cheap neck
A priest shit anti weak shit erase from scenery
See it no paint brush holding me and yes
But I still don't see it in the script 
19 and 8 beats Hit like beat the shit 
and look the rainbow to spit in Tyson the ear 
that fat lady oh shit it 
The Broad singing ya cut like be the uh 
Understand and the rip and the representing 
This life im living this anti-haterism
Both forgeted about the ism
We living upon that Revealing life so by the end God you testify 
A slave that's what you can't see from grave
My actions clap adapt no counter acts an option 
only if you have to upgrade but damn you didn't make the grade
School's out, unny style wild bangin nuts hangin 
Fuck your epic slanging pre wreck to see your 
PhD emcees soul's submitting bitch in your area
Spring is cholera fuck your fake sack corpse

[The Grouch]
Me I let loose usually get juice not easily
Scaled I'm awful broadminding how I'm finding
This first fund progression come a lesson outta living
That's day to day giving what I expect to get back
Man check back in a week
But I collect that and freak something new
Something oooo cause it's unexlainable
I'll attain a whole dream and see unphase 
One raised eyebrow can be noticed 
But it's done the day's work I stay first grade
Started in the dirt faith brought me to the surface 
so I could fufill my purpose
Still I'm worth this much 
when they spectate I educate the heart 
of those who can not Be the art

The new collection of comrades has combined like compounds
I'm Crush I'm down to give you Lucky listeners the bomb sound
So beware when we there please procede with caution
Danger Danger, I'll rearrange ya 
and then have you lost in space
with a Taste of what I make it's like cajun 
I'm making sure you are wanted cause 
Don't it sound amazing trails-I'm-blazin 
And I ain't sitting in no saddles 
From Night to Morning time listing to warning signs like rattles 
on a snake, now I'm asking for masking tape 
For my beats cause on the streets 
My peeps say they break I stay way laid back like reclining
When I'm rhyming declining
You doubting and don't think of climbing on my mountain

Asop be chopin yall stompin yall dead in yall tracks
Stay calm but seem relaxed
No need to Proceed cash no limitations
That heed your progression chasing on my mic 
Or have you stressin like that pussy 
You beggin for youse a bitch ass idiot
Out numbered in the class of scholors, you fuckin rap whore 
Or maybe a little talent, while still unbalanced 
like putting a gram in a hefty bag 
I could see it in your eyes, you wanna rise hella bad
Your eyes may shine, your teeth may grit
but until you write some dope rhymes your shit I'll never rip 
You done slipped your ass in a room with no doors
Forever with a close as you'll get to a couple of legends 
It's never clever face inside the broth of master of your destiny 
The early the class next time you'll find out what the lesson I'll be

(scratching continues) I hope my legendary style or rap lives on

It's terror under the axle
Spinning outer body contort like Play-dough
Play pianos on spines with rhyme that lay low
Low to the lowest denominator thermal status
Frozen when the Bastards cook check the latches
I look twice before I cross the beat
It's excitement the cautious overlooking the night
It's in displace so obvious and devices
Many times a man get's mislead
Messiah in his head but down below it's good as dead
His book was misread
We construct the new approach appreciate the slightest thanks 
Give it also to the ears out listen track its deep in the banks
Admission to your circuts to climb 
When I push rewind for your tape 
so which part It's the mean time find anew face to shake

Dont matter the place's I see the same fool's Face's
acting like they too good for the place
Ignore my tape wth money to waste 
Up at the bar think he a star sipping a drink 
I hit him up with a Cuf tape tell "him 4 bucks so what you think" 
He said "I think not, fuck that funny style Hip-Hop" I said 
"The only style thats funny is that flashy shirt you rock" 
He said "What!" nothing 
You ain't supporting fuck conversation
I won't Interupt your perpetrating 
You ain't felling my situation 
plus my creation might be a little much for your imagination
Too many video's ready rotation 
Leaves the frustration of this country 
Ain't punkin me into a 9 to 5 dummie
Living miserable dying chasin some money
Now how that sound not profound 
Cuf and Living Legends unite lets all get down 
I got to have it like Eddo as clear as negro 
Be wetho bring ass like petho so now whose funky drunk
Me and RJ back in the day 
We busted hella shows for no pay
We busted shows with no delay
Fom Sac to the Bay fed express 
We let it play even got the dat machine jacked 
Now many disc we flip today ain't no cover up
Intelegent organized Emcees coming up
Yoused to run it up in spots strckly 
To fuck that shit up (echoes out)