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Artist: The Cuf
Album:  I Love This Game
Song:   Sacramento
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(N8 the GR8)
California Capital mix
The Adolf Wilson House and tricks
You wanna close shop on Hip-Hop 
With some bullshit politics (follow me now see, see I be Rockin)
Even though they plotting block what I'm talking
Ain't no stomping Dropin on tracks 
for the 16 Hip-Hop fiend since "Billie Jean"
And when the message had meaning
But now (echoes) theres too much anxiety
It's like a socialist Activist 
Up in the Capitalist society and where I'm living 
Thats a prefect example of this Institution
And the constitution plus the preamble
It's tricky but not like DMC it's trick tricky
The ways of this community 
Now I ain't lookin for the cities support 
I know you gotta pick-up K Street and fix up Sutters Fort
since 1849; the Golden State's greedy 
and Mr.Wilson hates Chicano's and condemns grafitti
Sacramento Symphony got cut back even starvin
Artist struggling the Ssreets of Sac barely alive breathing
Even our so called homeless I hate fuck it 
It's like crabs in a bucket in the chain we should be above it in


(scratching in the background)
Sacramento   4x

You could gimmie a S simply cause I 
Slay's the slur's I plays with words 
I announcing verbs with those Intervibing  
Gimmie a A cause I attack acrobatically
Methodically modulating adversaries is mad at me
Gimmie a C cause I control 
continue to create chronicles for your body and soul
I need a R for being ready to regulate
Ready to demonstrate staying steady
I'm collecting feddy in another way 
I need another A since I was young I heard my mother say
"Always achieve," now I believe
I need a M mostly for Motivation 
Im making my music my main mental vocation
Gimmie a E for excellent execution experience 
Entertaining expert getting loose
And then a N now cause I got news Notorious
Niggas known nationally we giving others news
And then a T right now for tuff beats thoughts 
I think tend to Get treated like tasty treats
And then a O for overcomming obsticles 
Overtaking opponents we put them in hospitals in

[chorus 4x]

Uh..uh trying to figure If I should rap at all
about the capital of cali the cover up under hate
Long waits stuck in the valley but we strong 
Like radar doppler topple over I know your Washingtons like Rover 
And I could barely get a penny 
For my thoughts though I taught my town plenty
Yet and still since the intent to resent me
Since the cafe I let it be known 
I got way too much love for my city
Whats my city got for me no Divey 
Just some bullshit shows and some turned out parties
If I sound angry when you see me 
Bustin that shit you wrote recently and passed me
with one of them 4 track underground dimey cause thats whats in me 
The Sacramento stay core the rich to 2 for to 48 but thats a gimmie 
Dummies take my tapes and make some mummies you coud hear em 
Get structure like a pyramid, fucked ya when ya weary 
Water in the hog thick like sackfog pass me a dollar if ya hear me

[chorus 4x]

Too many politicians, businessmen, policemen
On some anti-us mission
We're lockin the subs the best solution
Can't hustle tapes without getting hassled by somebody
Hand out flyers and get harrassed by somebody
In Sac Town if your creative that's a crime 
And they got it locked down so you can mentally do the time
And you could say who why dont ya but that would be a pity 
but there would be no more Hip-Hop in River City

OH (echoes 5x)