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Artist: CunninLynguists 
Album:  Dirty Acres 
Song:   Summer's Gone 
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[Verse 1: Natti] 
It's bout that time when niggas start sweatin like slavery 
Harsh heat make looking down the street all wavery 
Ladies that bundled up in winter, unwrap and wave at me 
Wanna have it made in the shade beneath the cainopy 
Canopy, can it be beautiful? The season 
Summer under investigation, give niggas reasons 
To shorten up they fuse, look violent on the news 
More families to sit sobbin silently on the pews 
Over stepped on shoes or some other shit that's petty 
Guns and sun equal the relationship that's deadly 
Hear it in this medley, feel it in this song 
Feelin the burn, somehow we un-learn our sense of wrong 
My concern is why does summer gotta be gone? 
For straps to stay in the home of us that ought to be grown 
No more altercations where bullets gotta be thrown 
But that dream is ice cream meltin off of the cone, feel me