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Artist: CunninLynguists f/ Chizuko Yoshihiro 
Album:  Dirty Acres 
Song:   The Park (Fresh Air) 
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[Verse 1: Natti] 
The park bout to pop like fish grease 
Full to the gills like a hooked up six piece 
With a biscuit, on the spot like a fresh toupee 
For sunshine on a fresh blue day 
Gents breaking out they fresh new jays to match hats 
Ladies with their best doo laid and relaxed 
Like, the children skippin rope, double dutch chantin 
Miss Mary Mack dressed in black, hands clappin 
Sweet Cadillacs with their backs sub slappin 
Puppy love couples cuddled with their clothes matchin 
Cops passin, harass and tail ya 
Sometimes pull ya ass over just to tell ya 
[Verse 2: Deacon] 
Our failures, amongst the rose and azalea 
Y'all congregating like Martin King in Selma 
Just trying to have a good time like James or Thelma 
My cousin bangin 'Pac, my mama singin Mahalia 
Feels good today, all the hood's dismay 
Is outshined by what coming together could equate 
Through my locs, see my Kynfolk that stood with me 
Dayton's spokes, crown on leather and wood display 
My queens dressed for impression, that's God sendin blessin 
Hot like the West End, Icebox on the FM 
We need this, more than Playboy needs Hef and 
More than your lungs need breaths of 
[Hook: Chizuko Yoshihiro] 
Fresh air, what a day at the park 
Fresh air, what a day at the park 
Fresh air 
[Verse 3: Deacon] 
Yo, it's getting cool but the coal's still red 
Stripes and Patron on chill, my folks all fed 
Ladies, what it do? Fellas, what it is? 
Oughta have a blue carpet for the A's on the list 
Got the bootleggers tryin to appraise me some shit 
Like twenty dollars can put sunrays on my wrist 
And fa sho', as hot sauce stays on my fish 
On the ladies, playas gamin like live on 'em 
DJ on the mic got the slide goin 
Soul Train line moves like The Glide throwin 
On the slow songs, grind, put pine in the ozone 
Find something fine to poke on 
[Verse 4: Natti] 
As the sun puts locs on, light is no mystery 
Hickory smokes gone off the rotisserie 
Physically grabbin all off in my nose cavity 
Tiffany strut as her booty oppose gravity 
How do I get her without her cold slappin me? 
Have to be late in the park parkin lot 
Where trunks knock a lot and weed spark a lot 
In humidity scorchin hot, will beef cook or rot? 
Summer breeze in need like Benji's and Jackson's 
Instead pennies are stackin, coppers reactin 
To how peoples relaxin in orderly fashion 
If you holdin the rock, then you ought to be passin 
Cause they ain't playin, got a cell you can stay in 
Can this night go off right? I'm prayin 
Please Lord, hear these words that I'm sayin 
On this day can Angels party without Satan