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Artist: Cunninlynguists
Album:  Dirty Acres
Song:   Things I Dream
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I had a dream and it was so strange, so strange [2x]
Ah, deep perspiration, heartless imitation,
Your angel's just a devil from shoulder to shoulder facin'
Fillin' my gaze with hate, eyes cold as Alaskan basements
Aimed at records for targets while labels look like the Masons
I hang around outside of they buildin' amongst the vagrants
Dangerous, loaded stainless, maturity plus minority
Cool as cues, but cocked back is the priority
One in the flesh, lights, cops just stop where they stand
As I proceed to beat the publishing up outta this man
Tellin' him "Get the fuck up!" They yellin "How could he stand?"
I don't expect him to, bitch, I counted close to the land
Blue or the slug'll cover every inch of his noggin' bobbin'
For every strike, askin' "What happened like?"
The reverend might win a visit, that is if his spirit is near it
But if you yield towards hell you'd hear it more vivid
But I'm under slumber, ya dig it?
To see it I'd have to let you all...
See the things I dream [4x]
Yeah, once upon a time I seen it clearer than the bluest day
Got off in some crime seen that line turn blueish-grey
Humorin' themselves about murder, pussy and politics
Word around the world is money and I want all of it
World crooked like St. Ide's eyes acknowledge this
Just ask them Virginia Tech college kids
While you wait for apologies, I'm low like a fox
Get between me and your rocks, I'll put your ass in the box
I feel the odds favor robbin' a world without God
Money's the language, in humanity you need Visa cards
I need your cash and your car before I smash your facade
Or watch this classic toy make you collapse to the side, under the yard boy
Since a child these thoughts lurkin' in my shadows
Heard 'em placin' wages on how will I face my battles
Accelerate to add dope feel but never faulted
I'm standin' appauled watchin' you make powder out Gibraltar
Fumblin' with sweat on my fingers, somethin' impetuous lingers
Become infected with feelings so I'm electing this evil
to end my life without reason 'cause I'm indicted for treason
Closin' my eyes and I'm leakin', draggin' the knife till I'm bleedin'
'Cause it's the life that I'm seekin', feels only right that I'm meetin'
with Jesus seeking redemption but he don't want my repentance
for he who feels my intention sees that my deepest impression
is feeding me to these demons that lurk and feed on my essence
Pain is deep in my chest and I keep repeatin' my blessings
Ever since a meek adolescence that saw me beaten by freshmen
Parents repeatedly sentenced, heroin needles on dressers
They use to feed their infection, I can't repeat indescretions
So I pause for reflection, long for honest affection
and getting lost in the music is only soothing for stretches
If you knew where my head is when I'm doing these records
you'd never listen to my music again, I can't let you.....
See the thing I dream [4x]
I will know how things can be....
"I want to live a real life..... I don't want to dream any longer"