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Artist: Cunninlynguists f/ Club Dub, PackFM
Album:  Strange Journey Volume One
Song:   Hypnotized
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[Intro] [Deacon]
You know, I don't know if it's the ganja
the Red Stripes or the Appleton Rum I've been drinkin' but um...

[Verse One] [Deacon the Villain]
She do the damn thing
Fine as champagne
Hot, and the way that she trot
She only fan flames
A +Super Freak+, but please don't call this man James
If she put it on me, bet a nigga pull a hamstring
The type of strange that makes you forget your name
Amnesia to a player, she makes you forget your game
She got me caught up, like an alley oop
I can ride at Sally's like a jockey but she got me spooked
I'm feeling like a youth but
To tell you the truth though
I do wanna crush
A little more than lust
I'm no Goodyear gimp 
But she got me stumped 
Lookin' Bubba Gump tryna Shrimp
I was a pimp bitch
Mixed with modern day Romeo
But today my pimp look more like Polio
Overdosed off of beauty got me comatose
Shorty so blessed makes the Reverend catch a holy ghost

[Verse Two] [Natti]
The way her booty sway got me caught up in a daze
Wish it was maze, I'd get lost in it for days
Cause I be so amazed when it's jigglingin' waves
Her body so sweet, I bet she sweat glaze
I'm long as three shoes when I'm staring at her boobs
But I be swimming in a gaze and made my inner tubes
They keep me so amused
Like two new Rubik's Cubes
Twins so perfect, so easy to confuse
Her stare is therapy for me forgetting all my problems
I'm victim to a vixen when swishin' in apple bottoms
Switching my position, trying to sit where I can spot em
Got em
Right there in my line of view
And then she caught me, but she smiled like she was so amused
Then she spoke, "Your girl is right behind you fool."
Snapped me out of it
Kinda slapped me out of it
Hypnotism is my prison, someone get me out of it

[Verse Three] [PackFM]
She said he name was Gwendolyn
The only reason I remember it is cause it rhymes with pendulum
And that's the way her hips were swayin'
Otherwise, I can't recall a word her lips were sayin'
Damn it y'all I'm mesmerize
Her eyes they got me hypnotized
She got me shaking my head
But I ain't saying no
Lookin' her up and down, but I ain't nodding yes, I'm saying, "Woah"
I see her mouth movin'
I think my mouths open
Hope I don't start droolin'
Shit is in slow motion
I gotta say somethin'
Nice goin'
Snap out of it player okay
Time to focus
"Did you just pinch yourself?" 
"Cause you'se a dream come true"
I grew an inch myself comin' up with things to do
Oh shit she didn't slap me
Imagine that
Fuck it didn't happen
I just imagined that
Shit I blew it y'all
Where'd she go? I can't believe it
I hate to see her go
But love to watch her leavin'


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