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Artist: CunninLynguists f/ Zumbi (Zion I)
Album:  Strange Journey Volume Three
Song:   In the City
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In the city.. it's always been that way
In the city.. it's always been that way

In my city is blacks and blocks 
Where avenues and street tops, where people struggle to sleep Ahk 
There's trouble and beef, gold teeth rocks 
Get, thrown at the higher power but don't reach 
Pops, ain't home, momma been long 
gone away, so the children run stray 
Cannibalistic war play 
It's animalistic where I stay, the devil wan' play 
and, too many contestants, that's er'ry day 
The level gon stay where it’s at, stay strapped 
It's the mantra recital, it conquers the bible
By any means see survival 
When friends turn to rivals it's liable 
for these confrontations to be homicidal 
A dog hollers back at the sirens 
The pain is so blinding, forgot we all diamonds 


[Deacon The Villain]
Ain't nothin uglier...
Ain't nothin prettier...

Them corner stores, whores, drugs galore 
Exploitation's core, guns and gore 
I abhor each metropolis between these shores 
and then I see it, faith in humanity restored 
An act so selfless that I break out in applause 
Giving so +elvish+ that it must be Santa Clause 
In the city, dogs, foaming at the jaws 
That's kept the voice of justice in its claws, get the gauze 
Because it can silence the loudest man 
Whether concrete, dirt, canal or sand 
You can blacktop, but the backdrop remains 
With the same plots repeating like famed refrains 
The stains, stare at ya, intensity of character 
Gotta be Darwinistic, got a propensity to bury ya 
Home of the merriest, land of the nefarious 
Tomorrow it's the city that will carry us - prepare


"Man can die there, no one ever know his name... in the city"