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Artist: (Cunninlynguists f/) Beatnuts
Album:  Sloppy Seconds, Vol. 2
Song:   Wachugondo?
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Uhh, c'mon
Beatnuts nigga (y'know)
Yo (Beatnuts nigga)

Junkyard 'bout the money man, take you to war
I don't care about who wan' be the King of New York
I got niggaz that'll jump out the window for me
That's love and all them niggaz gon' do it for free
Corona we bring evil
"Fast & Furious" money like Vin Diesel, I still sling diesel
Make moves quietly but strong, advance
Never stay in one place too long
I stay heavy, born ready
Catch me in a brand new Chevy nigga ice pink cherry
It's po-thetic, rap niggaz thinkin that they so poetic
Nigga just fo'get it
I keep the burner with the horoscope
I'm in the kitchen, cookin up tomorrow's coke
Cause ain't no runnin out of money for me
And you rap niggaz is seriously funny to me
{*track slowed and stopped*}

[female voice]
Y'all ain't ready for that shit either
But make sure you get the album
"No Mercy: The Difference"
Volume 2