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Artist: Cunninlynguists
Album:  Sloppy Seconds, Vol. 2
Song:   What'll You Do?
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[female singer]
Whaddya do.. when the people go home
Ohwhaddya do.. when the show is all done

I'm 25 now, and yeah I told my pops I tossed the towel in
Makin music no longer easily make my smile bend
Though, wows from the crowds ain't end yet
Them smiles and backpacks still ain't helpin my rent checks
Ain't far from crack packs if I hurts these verses
Flippin worse shit for an empty purse feels worthless
Listen, word of mouth has been a blessing and a curse
We reach heads, but the only red we see's off shirt sales
Tours and shows spread all over the earth, well
Recoup gas and go tails back to this dirt, hells
Far away though, believe I ain't complainin
Rather explainin, that unless this Southern rain end
We'll sho' prove we's as real as you