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Artist: Cunninlyngusts
Album:  Will Rap for Food
Song:   Takin' the Loss
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scratched- "You took an L you took a loss" - Big L 'Ebonics'

Battle Deacon & Kno (know) you'll be takin' a loss
On the street or at a show you'll be takin' a loss
If you ain't rhymin' like this you'll be takin' a loss
Have you cryin' like a bitch when you takin' a loss

I stay dirty like Rastafarian piss test
Stick dick between notebook pages to show how I sex texts
Keep rappers in check like chess threats
Deacon ? star flows hotter than text mex
Givin' ears the best sex since 900 numbers
Rock all night like slumber
In a battle I Stone Cold stun the mic manager
Knowin' he amateur like minor league
Testin' me is like askin' a drownin' man to breathe
Better off waitin' in hell for a cool breeze 
Beatin' me is impossible
Like a tank top with sleeves
My road rages 
I drop fires and pop tires
I shock liars with the truth that I share like stock buyers
And get your head right
Facin' me and lovin' lights is a contradiction like an Amish website
Deacon the read light
Better yet the human pause button
Drop something that gets car stereos humpin' like dog fuckin'


[DJ Kno]
Yo, my middle names ? y'all know the way I house kids
Force the mic (Mike) into retirement like Jerry Krause did
Resoundingly found with classic verses 
A mass encourage for the ? 
Drastic wordsmith
Ask a surgeon 
I bet he'll give you the answer
That this particular bastard is sicker than testicular cancer
Fixin' to smack you with no hesitation
Cause I can't see nobody beating me like Stevie Wonders gang initiation
My slang will stay patient
Till the clock strikes to slay fake men and lay waste with
The wacknesss
You better resort to drastic measures 
Cause you couldn't fuck with me if I was ribbed for her pleasure
Me takin' a loss
Shit won't ever be seen
Like David Duke wearing Phat Farm and Fubu jeans
Facin' me and you wanna know you chances, shit
Image Dyme rockin' wavin' a rebel flag in east Los Angeles
The same scandalous slang
Van is practically ? is the way that I fantastically damage crews
Your style is Max Hedroom
While I'm off the wall like Foxy Brown's picture in Kurupt's bedroom


Verbally I'm sky
Touch heaven when I barely try
You drop less then desert precipitation plus terribly dry
Who's ignorant? 
Not I
? like "That's my guy!" 
I don't need digital mastery to spit hi-fi
Find me on the Enterprise sky divin' with Snipes
My Drop Zone will clear out all shit with one wipe
Quick to send cats to the one that runs life
Just for bringing a blunt butter knife to gun fight
If you think that the sun's bright 
Well peep how I'm droppin' this shit
My shines quasars
You think I'm mockin' God when I rip
No need for cockin' four fifth to clear the populous bitch
Beatin' me is like touchin' the bottom of a bottomless pit (impossible)
My alias is time cause I'm unstoppable
Got Spock in the back commitin' suicide it's logical
I pocket tools 
Hands strictly for droppin' fools
I wanna get signed just to show half dollar (50 Cents) niggaz are rob able
You got a problem dude?
We can handle this like men
Call your boys too, I'll happily cancel your friends
Put your game outta order
And pamper your hen
Cause this gin got me evil, darker than the ?