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Artist: CyHi The Prynce
Album:  Royal Flush (Mixtape)
Song:   Chance to Explain
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
The underdog (Cyhi)
Yeah, let me say this before the song start
Don't ever let nobody tell you how to draw your own art
Follow your own heart
Cause they don't put no poetry or no grocery in ya buggy
Tell em you push your own cart
Niggas say they a dog, but when it's time to fight
Niggas wouldn't pick up a paw let alone bark
Almost at a stone smart
So I read niggas like poems in the form of a lame till the chrome spark
They won't learn until they neck and they dome part
From a tone dart how these yellow stones part
If I ever made a million man I'd have my own march
Hit the club and make it rain like I own harp
Drinking spades at the top of the trump towers
No baby mama only seeds I got is sunflowers
Take a shower for like one hour
They trailbalzin, come up forward power like juwan howard
Bring pain to you dumb cowards
No coke, my killas addicted to gun powder
Niggas die off of one glower
They girls spoil me though, so I can see how they become sour
Can you believe they tried to put me in the slow class?
But I'm so fast getting this show cash
Mr. [?] and walked the hallways with no pass
Brought my literature down to a science plus I know math

So can you give me a chance to explain
Why I got this much game
Why I say I never change
For the hoes the money or the fame
So can you give me a chance to explain
Why I came the way I came
Why I think this whole industry is lame
And why every song I write is filled with pain

[Verse 2]
So here's my testimony I lost the best of homies
The only girl I'd ever thought had loved me left me lonely
But everything come with bread except bologna
Now everybody want a slice of my cheese, no pepperoni
I wish you never known me y'all niggas forever phony
Ain't nothing but a joke so I let em join me
They'd rather hate then give me props
The industry is like a revolver you ain't got that many shots
So shot for the moon
Or keep a pistol in your fruit of the loom
Give you the scoop from a spoon
I didn't up and call myself prince bitch I was groomed
Then we zoomed from the coupe to the room
Then watch a butterfly bloom in my cocoon
Laying in the dooms left her with a zilla goons
Then resume with my baboons selling prune to ya bafoons
I'm not a coon bada bing bada boom
I'm on the green not a bean not a shroom
My day will come soon
Let my reign at the top be longer than monsoons


So could you give me a chance to explain
Sir Charles, Master young

[Verse 3]
Allow me to clarify why my music will never die
Cause I'm seasoned like a checkers fry
Black panther pride
You niggas Julius Peppers Chi
Scared to say how you feel so you'd rather lie
You got to tell the truth when you testify
I do this for the dude that you left deprived
Don't jeopardize your life tryna get a better ride
Let that cheddar slide plus the streets is desert dry
Don't measure my success by the records I
Sell But by the people that I met when I was doin shows
I stand alone like the letter I
Live in the sky I am feather fly
Bubba kush got me double decker high
Virtually insane I am Jamiroquai
So recognize you couldn't see me with the naked eye
Split personality like Jekyll Hyde
Greg street bought me this iced out bezzled watch
Smoking barney while me and my rebels ride
So in my pants is the thang for a reason
If you give me a chance to explain