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Artist: CyHi The Prynce
Album:  Royal Flush (Mixtape)
Song:   Top of the World
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I feel like we on top of the world
From the bottom to the top and now we made it
Don't you feel like we on top of the world
Don't you feel like it, don't you feel like me
I feel like we on top of the world
Everyday we living our dreams, yeah
Don't you feel like we on top of the world
Don't you feel like it, Don't you feel like me

[Verse 1]
I was Raider like Madden
Put the charger on they faddins
Glidin' through the streets like Aladdin
Gravity mad at me, cause I'm gradually passing these lames
I couldn't read but I was good with them fractions
Riding through the hood in the Aston
I'm lyin' but it sound good in what I'm rappin'
Speaking of rapping all you rappers do is copyright
That's why I gotta get my shit patent
Never had pretty teeth
So I smile wide
Smoking in the bronco
I'm mile high
I get money like Mike
But my style's fly
Told you I was going to the top
How could you doubt
My potential with these pencils
And instrumentals I'm into
Look what God sent you
A prince who'll never pretend to
Be something he's not, but
Believe something he's not
That's why everyone steering with me
When we come in the spots


[Verse 2]
Man This feel like this ain't
Even real life
I'm so Def Jam
They gave me a deal twice
Cause my skills nice
I'm like Demaraw
No disrespect to the Jackson's
But I kill Mic's
I ain't the drinkin lean
Poppin pill type
But don't think I still won't get in your grill life
Barbecue, this shit I did is hard to do
I'm sick and last person who stood
Next to me and caught the flu
Huh, I'm the rap nap turner
With a black burner
Plus I'm a stack earner
On the top of stone mountain
I'm my own accountant
What you know about
Getting dome on the phone countin
Currency flow like a current
In the river cause I'm hot
Like your furnace in the winter
So If all you do is waste time
To stare at the ceiling
Huh, you probably never had this feeling

[Chorus x2]