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Artist: CyHi The Prynce f/ Yelawolf
Album:  Royal Flush 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Bulletproof
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Cyhi The Prynce]
I am bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bulletproof
I done already did what they said I couldn't do
Look at me? No, look at you
I'm one nigga that you shouldn't shoot
Cause I've been running with them killers since was a little nigga
With a gap and the crooked tooth
57 on me pull it too
Heat the pot slow just like I'm cooking soup
Got a bunch of bitches that've been playing on my bone
Always saying I'm wrong cause I wouldn't screw
Oh well change my number
Dick her too, I be slanging lumber
I get women by the season and I think my last girl's name was Summer
Oh my bad it was Autumn, hit the cat and then I dog 'em
Never call 'em if I feel like it's going to eventually be a problem
All my enemies, I done fought 'em
All the Jays, I done bought 'em
Paid in full like them niggas who ran a slalom out in Harlem
Cause I'm a hell of a writer, I think I deserve a column
That's why I'm the headliner and you herbs are at the bottom
I got these suckers scared, got these pussies playing possum
This the first thing I said when I saw 'em

I heard you talking like you
We all got guns my niggas so ain't nobody
And we got enough funds to make bond my nigga so think about it
And be careful when you run up on my troops you catch a
It's sad because it seems likes everybody from the hood die from a
(CyHi, what's my name?)

[Verse 2: Cyhi The Prynce]
You can talk about me all you want
That don't matter cause my self esteem is bulletproof
My shit won't shatter
I'm a find my way up to the top, I don't need no ladder
I already got these niggas pissed, I don't need no bladder
Fuck the chatter and the jabber
Lick a shot and watch them scatter
Niggas mad that the Prynce poppin' cause my pockets fatter
Catch us hoppin' out of vans
Boy I stay in [?]
Shawty I'm always out of town and it ain't cause I like to travel
Niggas talkin' 'bout the boots I'm wearing in the magazine
You can bathe in some bleach and you still won't be half as clean
Bitch I'm slick as Vaseline, smoking gasoline
In the red Chevelle and the seats are [?] cream
Leaking valvoline, while I'm pushing through
Take her top off, I call the mullet-proof
Rappers only mad cause they ain't as good as you
So I keep a chrome Springfield and it's wooden too
Cause you not


[Verse 3: Yelawolf]
Somebody should have told me
I was gonna be a mother fucking problem
I never knew I'd be this hard to get, Shit
I didn't get the memo
Should have took my demo to Stephen Hawking
Cause I'm weird science
Appear to be violent
Tattoos like Gadzooks!
And the wolf- he's clearly defiant
And appear eyeing me
Loving on my pay, fear on my tear: I'm giant
So my style got jacks on the beanstalk
All the team start lookin like
Coach I'm really trying
Fuck you lames
Throw another bit in the club
Go ahead and make it rain
Cause if I run up in the club
With a bunch of thugs
From the trailer park
We gonna make it drain
Funny how I just say that
Hey, I must think I'm bulletproof
Well if a bullet means MC
Then see, you can put your money
On my teflon cause I guess I do
I'm just sayin I'm me
But that's bad as you tryna sell CD's
Multiply that by originality
And you might have to win another Lamborghini...
My truck looking like daddy's Lambo
Flip flop like plastic sandals
Covered in black tint, but you can see me like I had a candle
You ain't seen quick til you seen a wolf get
Buck, point bullet shoot
And that's not a 2 bitch
That's a.45 hollow tip: I'm bulletproof