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Artist: CyHi The Prynce
Album:  Royal Flush 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Made Me Who I Am
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

As you sit back and listen to this CD play
It's more than an album it's my EPK
I used to have a three point five in school
And no, I ain't talking 'bout my GPA
The only class I ever passed was PE, eh
All I had to do was ball that was a easy A
Skating in the 'lac, while grinding through the streets
I shoulda been endorsed by DGK
My mama had two jobs, my daddy had three
So they couldn't make it to the PTA
Meanwhile I'm selling work, ducking DEA
In the bubble Caprice bumping that new BG tape
Kept a chrome 38 just to keep me safe
But now I'm out of state on a DC date
Seen more hoes on tour than the PGA
Everything I went through I appreciate

Running these streets, selling these grams
Made me everything I am
Sitting in jail, in the slam
Made me everything I am
Thanks to the DJ's that played my jams
Made me everything I am
To all my friends, fans and fam
Made me everything I am

Yo, drop the top on the drop then I hop in it
All eyes on me, I'm Pac'n it
The bible said they threw stones at Christ
Now I understand why my Jesus piece got rocks in it
Ha, and my pockets got gwop in it
Car so clean woulda swore I had a mop in it
Plus a Glock give 'em shots like I bartended
I'm too real nigga, everything is authentic
Grind with a dark skinned bitch from Atlanta
And she hustle for them grams, I should call her Hannah
Ain't worried about the animosity that's obviously
Some hatin' niggas trying to stop my velocity
That's why I'm fitting to book a flight on Travelocity
Cause I don't wanna have to kill this cat, curiosity
But I ain't even that mad, cause I would hate me too if I was doing that bad
But quit tricking on these bitches nigga stack cash
Or go and get a job with your black ass
Never was a gangsta, always had a mack swag
Before Apple, my house was the mack pad