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Artist: CyHi The Prynce
Album:  Royal Flush 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Sunday Morning
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Your girl is easy like Sunday morning
Your girl is easy
Your bitch is easy like Sunday morning

She was riding in the Acura
I pulled up from the back of her
Rolled the window down and said, "Hello I am a bachelor
With excellent vernacular
ATL's Ambassador"
She said "Whatcha smokin' on?"
"Oh... that's the smell of lavender"
"And you drive a nice car
You must be a trafficer"
I said, "Girl you a trip
You must be a traveler"
She said she was from Marietta
Went to school in Lassiter
But I don't care
I just want to beat it up like Haggler
She said her name was Bridget
And she like to kick it
But she got a boyfriend
I told her I could dig it
She said, "If he catch us fuckin' round
That nigga would be livid
Admit it,
You would be too if you was with this"
So I cut the bullshit
And asked her for her digits
A couple days later she came by to pay a visit
Now I'm in the room
Swinging wood like I'm playing cricket
So if you think she the one
My nigga you should quit it

Your girl is easy like Sunday morning
Your girl is easy
Your bitch is easy like Sunday morning

Yeah, Okay
Here's another scenario
I knew this girl from middle school
When it came to getting some
It was never difficult
She liked all the athletes
Came to all the track meets
And I was varsity
So you know I had to hit her too
Her attitude was pitiful
Reminds you of the typical
Bitch from up the street
Plus a liar that's habitual
Getting drunk and having sex
I swear the chick was pitiful
Sucking dick, tryna get rich – that's a ritual
All the way through high school
Until she was a senior
Been about seven years since a nigga seen her
Heard she moved away
But the rumors still linger
Used to have a partner named mark who drove a beamer
Said he met a girl that used to go to 'Rita
And he in love with her
I said, "You jumpin' off the deep end"
Said he name was Kim
Half black and Puerto Rican
You talking 'bout the Kim that graduated in '03 man?

That bitch was easy
Your bitch is easy like Sunday morning
Your bitch is easy