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Artist: CyHi The Prynce
Album:  Royal Flush 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Take You Back
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

CyHi, Stone Mountain stand up
Y'all might know me as Cydel though

[Verse 1]
I'm a take you back to Cydel in elementary
Stayed in detention I knew I would fail eventually
My childhood really fucked with me mentally
I remember telling Ashley I was a Prynce to be
Essentially, no one knew that potentially
I could change the world, onl' need myself and the man that invented me
My parents stayed in the bible, they used to vent to me
You can do all things through Christ, the strength is me
Since preschool, I always had the cheap shoes
Remember playing pencil pop, my partners used to chief glue
Huh, and I never made the honor roll
Reports cards full of F's, scared to let my momma know
Let me take you back in time
My last name was Young so I stayed in the back of the line
But I been a leader since niggas was wearin' Filas
Nautica trunks, Polo and shell-toe Adidas

La-la-la La-laaaa La-la
La-la-la La-laaaa La-la
La-la-la La-laaaa La-la
La-la-la La-laaaa La-la

Yeah, CyHi

[Verse 2]
My teachers never took me on the field trip
I'm still salty 'bout that shit
Pickle Dill chips
I wasn't present cause I had a real gift
And if I did the school play, you know I was Will Smith
Pro-Keds with the teal tip
And the prom queen, cause I know she will skip
I was a young teen raised by a real crip
And a Chi-town OG back in '03
Sold 4 quarters, double-doubled off a oz
Hit the shot at the buzzer, sent the game to OT
Most players buy a chain for a trophy
And wonder why they can't stay out the frames of the police
You niggas so bleak
I did so much dirt growing up I need my soul bleached
Sometimes I wish that I could, go back to summer camp
And to us Birthday Bash's bigger than Summer Jam
And the first time I went to Freaknik
I was on the back of a truck in my football pads
And my cleats biitch

Rollin' up a blunt of Reggie bumpin' 3-6