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Artist: Cyne
Album:  Time Being
Song:   Samura's Optic
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[Cise Star]
Afro-American, livin in the eyes of Aryan
Characteristics, contacts and hair extensions
And what we doin to ourselves just to fit in
They had us in the fields or slavin in the kitchen
It is my mission, to shed light to the subject
Confederate flags over the houses of the rednecks
American pride, or just evil in disguise
A close reminder of why many of my people died
To bring change in the midst of pain and oppression
We had to stand together and our hope was the weapon
Now we neglectin, important lessons from our forefathers
We need to stand tall and reclaim our lost honor

Definin blackness, what's ghetto, and what's real
And what the fuck make a nigga wanna feel
That he gotta chase, dollars and fake
Pipe dreams and 38s, hate, wit the nickel plate
Within a arm's grasp, I'm marchin past
Them so called thugs waving arms to blast
Another black, ass
Destruct the masses, I'm Cassius Clay boxin bastards
Lyrically speaking I'm tryna touch the people and
Lyrically speaking I must critique the people and
I'm far from the likes of God
Though I am one wit self yo position is odd
Nigga, how the fuck you go knockin my style
If I'm not a real nigga than what's the profile
Is it, new shoes on my feet, every other week
Or carryin heat but niggaz just like me
I'd rather spend the most of my time
Writin in my composition note, book of rhymes
My mind's confined for now but it'll be free
When the fat lady sing from her soul to me

[Cise Star]
We're quick to forget history's hardships
And ready to trade pride for money and bullshit
It's sick the way the media portrayin our people
Instead of motivatin change they're perpetuating evil
Negative outlooks make impressions on the youth
They try to ignorance synonymous with blackness
It's blasted, the way the images of acid
Burning into the soul, go give it guns and ratchets

Yo, it's farewell to hell and, welcome in heaven
A new man is born divine like the number seven
Walk with me, if you will
Through the depths of a nigga's will it might feel
Kinda surreal
I woke up this morning smiling wit the rising sun
Like Robert Ness but hardly my day begun
One with the most high, I keep her close by
My heart when folks try
To bring me down now I'm knockin on heaven's door
Jump the gate ask for God on the seventh floor
Come holla at me see my people gotta hate complex with self
Til the point where we're numb to the pain that's dealt
Across the load, this bullshit we're not gonna know
About some brothers killin people in Sierra Leone
Over jewels that we cherish, here in America
Peace to Sorious Samura, thanks for helping the
World see the truth that they already know
So let's get free people all across the globe
From the great walls of China to France, to Johannesburg
Back to the land of Egu-Egu I recite the words

[Cise Star]
I pledge allegiance only to those believing in me
My eyes steady on the prize til the people are free
Words to the wise so I always try to see
The things holdin me back so I can breathe