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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  SmokeOut Conversations
Song:   Frustrated
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Somtimes I ask myself, is it really worth all that it comes with
My main bitch overlooked my needs
cause she thought my fans came withwome kinda comfort
We argue a lot, but now I feel I'm wastin my time
can see my flaws but can't see that I'm tryin
I don't ask for shit but you ain't feelin me
future hoes limitless possibilities
So if you stop believin there's not a reason
so you no recievin cause there's not a goal that I'm not achievin
I just need time
A lil Kush
With a lil Push
I know I ain't right but I need mine they can grow rich
Fix yo face the struggle is poetic they gimme birth to go out and be great and any ways
More than music more like life cahnging surrounded by the angels and the satans
And it got me feeling

Frustrated just a lil bit
Getting frustrated by the lil shit
I walk around like everythings ok
But I don't konw how much more I can take
Lord I'm about to explode
I been dealing with my highs n the lows
I try to stay high but I'm surrounded with lows
Where do I go when I can't do my best
I'm frustrated on the road to success
I need answers

[Verse 2]
I wanna see the dollas circulate
Bout to elevate
Havin visions of the victory
I'm 21 with the voice of the dead
You ma'fuckers bout to witness history
So then I wake up with my mind on a mission
My grind now it's time for me to be more realistic
It never stops she trippin I ain't trippin
Soon as I got my vision I was connecting the dots
Big will probably trippin right now cause his lesson was got
Thsi is the truth behind the message from pac
They ain't feelin me though
Niggas blinded by the industry flow
Categorize me soon as I enter the door
It's all assumptions
And assumptions is basically nothing cause if you think about it it's all in your head
I been stressin a lot
Rappin, tryin to send my message from God
Got on my knees n this is all that I said man this is all that I said