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Artist: Dizzy Wright f/ Chel'le
Album:  SmokeOut Conversations
Song:   SmokeOut Conversations
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
You can vent to me, tell me all your problems
I'm a great listener, you can tell me all about em
See you from top to bottom, it's everything I need
That's why I compliment your confidence while squeezing in them jeans
I don't want to overly compliment what I'm about to say
So we gon' roll this weed and we gon' conversate
See cause you gave me time of day and I ain't got no time to waste
I ain't trying to fuck I'm trying to relate look
I got some things on my mind, I've been holding it in
Crossroads with the devil trying to hold on my hand
And they judging from the smoke in my hand
They knock me down and I got up
And guess what I finally now who I am proud parent with a wild appearance
Put a smile up in, you speaking of greats put my style up in it
Uhh smart workers with my guards up, pass the heart stage for all us

SmokeOut Conversations they gon' try to hold us down but they can't get to us in the
SmokeOut Conversations intelligent don't speak about the irrelevant in the
SmokeOut Conversations refreshing to feel blessed, held the fade and connect?
SmokeOut Conversations wise man once said ain't no conversation better than
SmokeOut Conversations

[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
We all got a belief system, preach nigga preach nigga uhh
But we all can't preach wisdom uhh
What's yo beliefs nigga, check it I believe in God
You can and believe and get
It's 2012 you ain't having me believing this shit
Old conspiracy weird fucking secret and shit
And they ask me why I been keep it lit uhh
Surrounded by what you ignore, scared of it so you don't know what's in store
See we've been here before, blinded for sure but I ain't tripping my interest only consist of moving forward
Damn now she fitting and shit bringing her loved ones down to get attention for shit
Notice it but she just need somebody to listen to with
Won't even mention the shit unless it's a