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Artist: Dizzy Wright f/ Hopsin
Album:  The Golden Age (Mixtape)
Song:   Bout That Life
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
Hit a nigga with a raw dawg flow y'all
All 4 Down Nigga Bang Bang
East Side, West Side, North Town
Hold it down for my niggas trying to maintain
Coming from the bottom trying to make it out
He don't need help, he don't need a vouch
City of the sand, with a pin that bleed, is there a reason you believe me now?
I see a little nigga puttin' on, you've been warned
I could of sworn, I was born with a hoodie on
All black with an axe I ain't stopping 'til that little nigga put me on
Drop albums hot freestyles
So let me hit them with a little bit of Flipmode
Bust your head then bust your rhymes
You better cut the check or cut the line

[Chorus x2: Dizzy Wright]
Coast to coast spending the most time on the road
You ain't 'bout that life
Independent living missing my fam in order to grow
You ain't bout that life
Becoming the coldest nigga out of every nigga that I know
You ain't 'bout that life
And I made my fans my foe's shaking hands romancing hoes
Let em' know

[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
Let's spark it up with that heart to heart
If we could talk it off and we would
Cause we gon' smoke it up and she gon' roll it up and she gon' show a nigga some love
All my buddies starting to get on drugs, I got high just to get on up
I left that just to get on track and now look who I get on tracks, you niggas ain't getting us
Fruit don't fall far from the tree though, we traveling city city
Which don't matter we had them that pretty kitty
On my platter that master of me and my spirit don't matter
I'm a mad man and I'm a medicate, elevate just to separate
You couldn't handle the highest, I'm rambling by
Scramble my egg's as I wake and bake, trying to be better than Hov
Got a tech nine at every show, I'm losing my mind, Let me define
Dizzy dizzy never better before
Hippy nigga drunk and trippy ain't tripping off niggas, I'm 50-50 with the bone
Busy nigga listen to Bizzy Bone, little Dizzy had to do it his own
What you mean fake niggas gonna come in clean, aye ho you wanna suck a King?
Make a movie just to make the league
You ain't 'bout that life you ain't tryna taste the dreams huh? (not at all)
Tellin' the realest nigga that you feelin' it
Takin' my knee to his face and I'm drillin' it
'Til somebody admit that I been the illest in the buildin'

[Chorus x2: Dizzy Wright]

[Verse 3: Hopsin]
Dizzy Wright man these niggas betta lay low
FV is the label, no they can't roll
Put your hands out and get you for the payroll
That will get your face 'Woahed', but you ain't know
Motherfuckers say I'm too hostile, while I hit a nigga with a boom bot bat
Y'all thinking that I'm 2Pac child, you did it real big back in the day
You was the shit but nigga you not now, The Dark Vader of rap
Been grounded for years, now my paper is stacked (yup)
Haters is mad, hang from my sack
Well I'm celebrating with some skaters that thrash
Fans say I'm lame, yeah I'm spitting weak
Fuck you yo I been a beast, give me the mic yo I'm finna eat
MC's getting weak
When I be up in the booth cause I'm shitting heat literately
Motherfucker what you want now
Can't stop and I won't stop
I'll put a nigga in a dome lock
'Til he pass out, then throw him in the shed with the door lock
Bitch I'm on top
Rage of venom, was raised a villain
And it's gonna take a motherfucker 30 days to get him
Back on track, these niggas can't wait to kill him
Man take a look at how his own label did him
It's okay though, see I made dough
Yeah nigga I get it
I'm stacking pesos like they legos
That life I live it
If I had a fuck I wouldn't give it
You couldn't paint a picture more vivid
I'll turn a hard rapper into Timmy
They call a nigga Hop like it will never gonna stop
F V 'til it's not my business

[Chorus x2: Dizzy Wright]