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Artist: Dizzy Wright f/ Capo
Album:  The Golden Age (Mixtape)
Song:   Brodee Bro
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
Props to all of my folks that's holding me down
I battle with realization that I'm on the stage when I was in the crowd
I'm living for now, was putting it down
Remember them two little niggas from running around your town
Who nigga? Capo and Dizzy?! Nigga, what?!
Killing all opponents, nigga now she on it
Hit it to can I hit it in the morning
See that's where I fucked up, cause now
She hitting up all of my homies, like have y'all seen this nigga?
Daily dilemmas that a nigga deal with
From the girl that I chose to chill with
Ain't responding to no texts for her
I'm finna hit that next on her
Superman and flex on her
But I don't wanna take it there
Trying to make it fair, so I bear the pain
Judging me seperate cess, so I guess that's a fair change
She keep coming at me like this my nigga
Don't wanna break up, but I needed a break from the ho
And she ain't a ho, but I'm mad, so nigga right now she a ho
Every time she get insecure, she want me to be immature
How she be acting while I'm on tour
Like what's mine ain't yours

But still my girl sending bad vibes to my phone
And I ain't picking up cause she don't wanna know what her tone
And every time she think a nigga be wrong, she be on
And I feed into that zone, but tonight we blown and I'm strong
Leave me alone
I'm with my brodee bro's [x4]

[Verse 2: Capo]
She wanna be my baby, wanna scoop me up
On Pro Tools in my studio, she wanna loot me up
Baby slow your role, now roll this weed
And yeah I got time, but I don't got time when I'm with my G's
Is that hard to believe?
Me and Young Wright, you know we killing these niggas
I don't gotta say we ain't feeling these niggas
You say you can't deal with my G, then girl
I guess you gon' have to go deal with these niggas
I can't stress it, and girl you can't check it
Cause either you down, or you just around like a necklace
You be calling me, texting me
You don't know you like an ex to me
God made you beautiful, but what this world do to you
Your insecurities not securing me, I'm feeling like
I'd rather be alone if this the way it gotta be at night
Just me and my brodees, cause girl you got me twisted
You be flippin', I'm a need some distance just to be specific
Call my nigga Dizz, like these ho's be trippin'
I got three rolled
So tell me where we smoking these extensions