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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  The Golden Age (Mixtape)
Song:   New History
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Mic check, one two, one two
One time for your mind
Yo, yo

[Verse 1]
As I rewind back, new contracts
I coulda sign that
Now it's back to selling these dime sacks
Sucking my shorty dry
She wanna hold me down, but damn more important now
Gotta go sort out my ties (right)
Losing faith and I made it and she can't deny it
I ain't tryna eat of your plate
I'm tryna provide it (that's right)
Tryna clean my slate but we constantly caught with wilding, how childish
(How childish)
Ayo, ayo I'm ready to make some smart changes
And start thinking where my bars hanging
A lyer just another version of a fraud we born baby (we born baby)
She say when niggas wanna be taught
That nigga gotta be caught from all angles (right)
But as I sit back and watch my TV what do I see chasilin talk about stevey
Oh this is loving hip-hop, entertainment trough the week
Are we ever supposed to love this is what it claims to be
I mean damn

Society gonna be the death of me
You ain't control chose your destiny (one time, one time)
Tell 'em freedom is an necessity
Respect me and don't f with me (two time, two time)
And just to break they rules
Avoid stepping in a great mans shoes (let the world know)
Motivate the kings that's uplifting me
Now homie that's some new history (that's some new history)
Let 'em know

[Verse 2]
Yo maybe these convolution we're hell
Niggas better embrace me cause I'm impasing myself
Creating my path from all these relations I build
Yeah he's signed but he can't relate to himself
Now that I finally got my foot in the door
I analyse these fakes as I explore
Everyday we be learning a little more
Come saint when we record
Thanks for the support
Them footsteps before the golden age days we be adored
Let the day I was braught up be a caught up
The fact that I was broke allow to solve all my problems
I mean all niggas talk about is being rich
The struggle I guess is easy to knock you when you ain't shit
When you feel the vibe
That's living life in a lie
When they rise and you standing outside
Let drug money starting to fuck with my pride
Turning on my TV and I can't believe this is what I gotta be to survive


[Verse 3]
It took some time to get the city involved
They applaud I worked hard now I'm convincing these blogs
No Based God, no new guard, no Kendrick Lamar
On fitty you jaw
Only nigga to make you piss in your drawers (greatness)
My homies told me that I was gifted with bars
If the industry called pretty much threesixty to call
Nigga's frauds
But I don't talk I hit the boof like a dog
I'm talking Doggy dog, DMX bouncing off with the bars (vegas)
Feed yo addiction cause they pissing me off
You niggas lost taking charges they predecting my false (stick to the cause)
But me I ain't no diffrent from ya'll
No sympathy, my enemies is getting kicked in the jaw (pause)
The young king got a chip on his shoulder don't gotta call out names niggas gon' slit their wrist when it's over
Don't compare me I ain't tryna split the exposure
You fuckin' with me or I'm tripping you over
It's new history