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Artist: Dizzy Wright f/ Chel'le
Album:  The Golden Age (Mixtape)
Song:   The Perspective
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Intro: Dizzy Wright]
She on Instagram flexin... Uh

[Chorus 1: Dizzy Wright]
She on Instagram flexin'
Changin' outfits in the mirror with her reflection
Them couple likes always got her checkin'
Got her phone every second
She feenin' for a perspective

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
Everything she do strategic, but all that shit ain't needed
Fighting with all these demons, damn this life can be so misleading
But when you living life in the moment, money come in and then you want it
Don't ask for shit from no nigga from sundown 'til the morning
You be on your grind like erryday, had a man had to separate
Build a strength for yourself, the bigger picture is the better day
She got hurt, did her homework, continue making the wrong turn
Made a change for the long term, you can't tell her shit now, she all alone
She don't even want to to comprehend, ya'll niggas to oppisite
Ya'll niggas to fragilent now she in her thoughts
Lost soul and she can't be bought, now niggas wanna follow them
Living lost, but a shame can't talk with a man
So they struggle not to bottle with in
Everybody got a past to reflect on, feels like she was stepped on
Got up but she kept going, with a face like you don't know shit about me
Ayee hey and I feel your pain
So I'm a step back and respect that you just trying to do yo' thang

[Chorus 1: Dizzy Wright]

[Chorus 2: Chel'le]
He on Instagram flexin'
Bitin' his lip and takin' off his shirt with his reflection
Couple likes always got him checkin'
On his phone every second
Feenin' for a perspective

[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
He just need somebody to bond with feenin' into that nonsense
Liking all of your pictures, all in yo comments (shiit)
But when you living life in the biz
It's better to look like a man in front of your friends
With bad bitches on ten, that ass out once again
Don't got to pay to look, momma like to show it off
She lookin' good and she showing off, but they so involved
Niggas like me know it all, proceed the lurkers I see the thirst
See niggas just being niggas, see bitches just need a verse
She don't care what we thought, she been going so hard (shit)
Get a little InstaFamous get to acting just like a star
I told her I wasn't a fan but I understand just who you are
Do yo thang
I'm a man of flaws and I ain't finna judge you for your waste
What's the relation's though?
Bitches be showing off so much a nigga can damn near taste the ho
I'm thinking that it's capable
A nigga can't hate cause yo confidence won't change
Now do your thang as you cruise in yo' own lane

[Chorus 1: Dizzy Wright]

[Chorus 2: Chel'le]