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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  The Golden Age (Mixtape)
Song:   Progression
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I hope you good with what you got
Cause the whole world think outside of your box (better think outside of yo box)
Don't be begging for no help
You got this, Got a build something for yourself (got a build some for yourself)
Even if you don't see it in your vision
Going hard, all you need to be is consistent (nigga's gotta be consistent)
And when they try to bring you down
Turn around, you turn it up, and then hold it down (then hold it down)

[Verse 1]
Rapping 'bout my life
Rapping 'bout the life they soon to like
I like these lights but on my life I ain't the type
That want to kick it with the homies all the time
Skating around wasting time, whenever everybody wanna shine
Niggas is going blind, obviously cause we ain't moving the same
We been stuck in one place, but we ain't doing a thang
It's time to think outside the box you staying true to your name
It's the image you trying to resemble gon' have you going insane
I'm trying to think different, my hidden gifts I know they exist
It's a whole world, you just need a list and know they exist
I mean the fist that I be holding is a token to these youngin's
So in faith for you to appreciate the blessings you got coming
You don't see them yet, all good he wake up like he don't know need a check
We just want to live and learn, progression for my people back
I see the traps, legal craft, there quick to hold us down
That's why I'm in my Trayvon hoodie with a smile
And I'm here to let the world know..


[Verse 2]
Ayo fuck the media they twisting turning the truth
Give this bitch some pieces of the proof, making it cool
I mean what's giving to these kids is cruel
And I'm unsure if they'll accept the lyrics we endure
Now moving forward a little more in detail with the chorus
Yeah you record but have you ever open other doors
I mean explore us but then theirs more then what you niggas think
That quick money got ya'll moving at that nigga pace
I want ya'll to open your minds spread your wings and prosper
You to worried about what niggas think cause shit get awkward
Niggas know I been there before with a rep to uptain as I strain to grow
With nothing to show but a new change of cloth
We was learning life, experience shit that almost earned my life
I seen that cop beated my nigga I fell hopeless with a burning knife
Had I hit him with a right, I wouldn't be hear on this mic
It's just a sign that our blessings gon' over shine
And you my nigga