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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  The Golden Age (Mixtape)
Song:   Still Movin
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: Dizzy Wright]
If it ain't my time then who time is it
Puttin' in that work I'm on a mission
What you twistin' gotta twist it it's the 90's in this bitch you betta listen
You fuckin with my clique make a decision, don't you get it
We still movin'
Movin' [x10]
Independant livin' and we still
Movin' [x10]
Tell me who the fuck gonna stop us now?

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
That lil' nigga Dizzy finally getting noticed huh
Out of all these rappers that nigga the only one
I should diss cause and style on 'em
But that nigga put in some work I'm kinda proud of 'em
That's why I represent my town
Niggas hate like I'm fakin' shit
Working my ass off so that niggas know that there is more to the city then the Vegas strip
Who else putting on like I
D to the I double Z, Y (right?)
The voice of the 702
But I heard the nigga going worldwide
Thank God for the folks who seen my growth
Hookah lounges and competitions
Learnin' the game I don learn things
Personalities is optimistic
Everybody wants some shit
Home girl want the dick
I don't want the bitch
I'm on tour tryna get to the fans
God damn I'm planning my ownership
Cause Vegas is my stomping ground
You visit here we stomp around
Chump sit down
You couldn't get love if you was underground
You could fix your money but you couldn't fix your bitch better dumb it down
Pulling in a crowd
Still movin' who gonna hold me down


[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
Yo fuck what all these niggas say
Illustrate my illest ways
Let me demonstrate
Dim the lights and eat your dinner plate
You ain't learned the first lesson
Yeah you kinda rap good but you ain't got the work ethic
Niggas got it fucked up
Coast to coast with my hopes up
Real shit no backpack don't cut
Niggas want what?
To be strong on to why they on us
I got plans for the world
Prayer hands for the world
We gonna reach in the music
Preach with a beat leashed to it
Don't stick with it if you can't stick to it
That's a motherfucking shame
Oh it's a motherfucking shame
How we rap in God name in vein
To confess our pains
I know we need change but shit
Niggas need water in hell
Oh well can't fail
Try to help the world but they pull back
We the niggas that should rap
Matter of fact I'm stomping on this hater phase
Break away to save the day
I don't pop molly's I just wake and bake on a day to day
Niggas try to hold me back but but I had to make a way
Cause when you about your business that's just something they can't take away


(Alright, alright seriously, no seriously for real, for real)

[Verse 3: Dizzy Wright]
Kick that nigga right in his face
If he in your space
You better let him have it
I told myself I was gonna be cool
Act a fool
Then I won't be lasting
I had to let it go
Young and professional
Eating these edibles
Poppin' on planes off a plane
As soon as I land I know where to aim
I feel that I've been misconceived
I see they look but is they listening
Really it don't really matter if I smoke this weed
Cause it's my life and it ain't your business
Now it's time that I find my balance
Don't talk about me
Talk about my talent
You ain't talking shit if you don't talk rapping
You a critic that's the size of a cricket damn
I told them I'm ready and willing
Work hard every day that's a given
If you giving you living you helping your niggas I feel ya cause I do the same
But you gonna talk to your God in a minute
If you stuck in some kinda position
Or you get in on your knees when a problem existing
I feel like you should be ashamed
Now I'm stomping cause I'm aggravated
I ain't with the procrastinating
Pussy you a pussy
I think I seen you selling ass in Vegas
Living out my imagination
I'm finna shock half the nation
Call me mister half man half amazin'