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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  The Golden Age (Mixtape)
Song:   Tellem My Name
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yeah, mic check
One two, one two
Now what's my motherfuckin name?

D-I-Z-Z-Y, Wriiight!
D-I-Z-Z-Y, (tellem my name), That's riiiight!
D-I-Z-Z-Y, Wriiight!
D-I-Z-Z-Y, (yo tellem my name), That's riiiight!
D-I-Z-Z-Y, Wriiight!
D-I-Z-Z-Y, (tellem my name), That's riiiight!
D-I-Z-Z-Y, Wriiight!
D-I-Z-Z-Y, That's riiiight!

[Verse 1]
Yo guess who's in your Dre Beats walking down these Veg streets
Mister D I double Z Y (Y)
If you motherfuckers hate me can relate to nothing that I be singing
it's a chance that you should've been alive (live)
I'm moving I don't need a whip
Rappin on my four agreements shit
Givin knowledge you can keep the tip
He treat change like it's loose change
It hit the ground he leave it there cause he don't won't to look lame (what a shame)
I don't ego trip I keep it a hundred
Niggas rather be hooked on phonics than graduate, that shit aggravates
Nigga give your momma a happy day
Don't throw your life away to sit at home and masturbate (weirdo)
Hmm the true speaker, cooler then your new sneakers, the real thinker bet my crew deeper
I got these visionary plans, thorough nigga silent like a military man
Then I'm feeling like the man
What's my name?


[Verse 2]
Uh, if I ain't the hottest in the game
Then who's life I gotta take? (take)
He trapped in a phone booth, with a rifle to his face
I'm sick of the lies so I write down a license plate
Pull up to the crib with a CD, just to break it in his face
What you mean I ain't taking over
I seen the war sometimes decline, but shit we made it over
This new history
Give what they give to me
Independent is the new industry
You better get with it nigga
Now I got this shit that ain't replacing
Platinum kush got a nigga look half asian, call these the chinky eyes
Tatted artist are them, so mothefuckin gravity fly
Sweetiepie you can get this dick if you just need a guide
Deceiving has a reason amount
Every season giving you strength for you to believe in yourself
Wealth a common topic you can keep to yourself
But they can't I created a lane for a little change
What's my name?