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Artist: Dizzy Wright f/ Arima Ederra
Album:  The Golden Age (Mixtape)
Song:   Welcome Home
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
Yo time was serving hit the rodeo
Bless them with a dubbie and a forty ounce
Funny how you used to know me as the nigga running round
And now I'm getting it and I ain't even holding out, you feel me?
I'm showing love until it kills me, and I'm sure that's what it will be
Cause niggas not gon' let me get too powerful, true
But they gon' fuck with me
See me in the making giving life to the hands I'm shaking
I'm controlling crowds, rapping my facts, excited for that
They tried to hold you down I'm happy you back
Taking advantage of the freedom you was given
If you get it you will listen before you ever have to live it
If your niggas got you fucking up, them ain't yo niggas
I can sense the little fakeness when they came into the picture
But yo nigga that's funk get used to it then put it away
No time for play time to get in the zone
My nigga welcome home

[Chorus: x2]
That's the way love goes
That's the way that love go baby
Since you been gone we becoming strong
I'm finna put you on pops welcome home

[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
Just met my father for the first time
Him being missing made me embrace mine
Not this funk volume shit is just little more than rapping and collabing
Cause it got me to finally meet my daddy, it's cool
I wonder what the nigga be like
Is he focused is he hustling can he hang in a discussion
Got off the plane and seen him and shook his hand like it was nothing
Nigga why you fronting you was happy as shit
Smile on my face learn how to be great
Be better than me just try everyday
Words of wisdom I ain't rapping the same
This shit tatted on my skin, yeah that's the shit he had on his brain
So now you battle with change, they rattle your name
20 years is too long to be acting the same
But since you back in the game and back the streets
What would I want if it happened to me

[Chorus x2]