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Artist: Dizzy Wright f/ Wyclef
Album:  The Golden Age (Mixtape)
Song:   We Turned Out Alright
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: Wyclef]
Been to hell touched the devils hand
Cold as ice
On the block with the angels
We used to roll dice
See my homies dissapear one by one in the middle of the night
We turned out alright
We turned out alright
[?] lord no
We turned out alright
We turned out alright

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
Looking for something I never had can you be mad at me
The world got these problems coming fast at me
When I speak about dreams nigga don't laugh at me
You sitting on yo ass till your cab session
I see the turn up for real
Niggas like I found my swag
But I'm with niggas that been down that path
I learned from it (right)
You party on with niggas that wanna return something
Generated generation that ain't heard from it
New breath, it's the beginning of the lesson (uhu)
Follow these lyrics if you hear it as refreshion (uhu)
Fourtwenty and every studio session on my grizzy
I'm a refugee how I Wyclef it
One method I wake and bake before breakfast (ya)
So hectic, the media be so reckless (ya)
I try to bring the peace
And lay the drama where you left it
You say you keep it real then why stress it yo
This too much to ask?
Your to young and to dumb to move up your ass
[?] cause nothing comes fast (right)
Progress till the next reflect on your past
Ayo the shit that I'm rhyming is over your head
But it's all time
It ain't science I just got the ability to define (let 'em know)
Was blessed with a talent I won't lose
God's child but I learned this
There some battles I won't chose


[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
In the club I hit a one-two and backstep it
In my eyes I see a future rap legend
Your back paddle probaly settle for a rap-lesson
That I'm spritting on a mission that I ain't have stepping
To foccused, bringing a war with the wounds open
Taking out any of these soldiers that move on it
Popping my tape and cruise on it
There's beautiful women everywhere, nigga choose something
I'm twohunderd, threehunderd and fourhunderd
Fans [?] perform with my nose running
Ya'll don't know nothing
We gettin in front of the fans
[?] in front of the stands
That's the gameplan
The same man as I shake hands
Fans like damn, that's a great man
Safe it
I appriciate the compliments but you can argue this but I'm the hottest nigga coming out of Vegas
Control rate this
I see you hating
I won't take it
The walk of fame trough the golden ages
I'm falling but the money that I'm raising got me opening up new doors for new faces
It's so amazing
They title me the leader of the pack
The leader try to make you believer of the raps (ya)
The secret had to peep it and conserve it in the facts (ya)
It's all life we turned out alright