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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  The Growing Process
Song:   Can I Feel This Way
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Man this is god's poetry, vibe and roll with me, rocking all on this beat
I used to complain about not having shoes, until I seen a man with no feet
Now I feel rich
Money don't make me who I am I never looked down on someone that need a lift
Kindness is a gift
Kinda can smell success, I'm just, I'm just trying to get a whiff
You could say that I'm glad that I had me a childhood (why's that?)
Cause now I'm living out my dreams
Nowadays kids not even living they life, they just staring in they iPhone screens
By any means necessary
Rhyming all that's left in you
Better love the ones next to you
I see a lot of young niggas looking for a sex symbol
Technology is taking over
Feed off these real vibes as you make it older
Young soldier, we all gotta grow
And when you think that you got life figured all out
you realize how much you don't know
Look, after Moms threw me out on the curb
Back when the vibes was louder than words
Yo, I told myself I was gon' get it and god is my witness
My focus was how to be heard
Now I'm here, I see the smiles and tears
I hope this live for a thousand years (it will)
True leaders create more leaders, so tell them haters
they ain't never gonna be allowed in here
Cause we characterize (we characterize)
People by actions I see when I stare in your eyes
Forever surprised (why?)
See, everything better whenever I'm high
Break it down

[Chorus x2]
I wanna let out all my frustrations
But I ask myself can I feel this way
Ay, ay, ay, ay (ay, ay, ay)
Can I feel this way?
Is it wrong that I feel this way?
Can I feel this way?

Look, I don't know y'all trying to be
I'm creating my dynasty
Inspire these kids every time I speak (yo!)
I guess they believing us
Like Martin when they tried to black out the black folks
and white America mistreated us
My momma said "too bad they needed us"
It's only one race and that's the human race
So that's what I plan to teach my kids
Respond to these fools with silence
As I'm giving y'all the growing process
You can tell me what's next
I ain't heard nothing like it
(how you gon' remember me?)
From living in positive energy without ever having a doubt?
Or praying for my enemies, [?] by the hate
Cause I ain't never take the easy way out
Still I pray
Can I feel this way, Lord tell me can I feel this way
Real man always trying to make a play, just a thought
Got me working at my craft every day
W-w-w-wake up, get right, look in the mirror and I hope you see yourself
I honestly don't want you to be like me
I wanna, inspire you to go and be yourself
We call that love and awareness
The shit that you get for free but don't cherish
Y-you have a beautiful soul, it's no reason to be so embarrassed
Cause we just gon' characterize
These people by actions I see when I stare in your eyes
Forever surprised
See, everything better whenever I'm high
And right now

[Chorus x2]