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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  The Growing Process
Song:   Good Vibes
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hip Hop music, I'm a part of it James Brown probably would've thought of this
If it don't make you feel good why you applauding it
From Vegas tryna get to the point where I'm Marley Marl-ing it
Take me back to the days in the past
My older brother's getting in trouble, I was saving his ass
Headed to gym class
Baby almost made me late
I'm tryna squeeze in them thighs
She tried make me wait
Can't front like the early 2000's wasn't the days
When Allen Iverson made everybody wanna wear braids
Young and reckless
And I'm stuck in my ways
I'm 24 and all I wanna do is smoke and get laid
I'm talking no fucks given
You notice the ones who talk and gossip the most, you have no trust in 'em
1990 J's with the skinny's tucked in 'em
Retro soul with the henny cup with him
Oh, yeah that's me with the two-step
In the party, in my own world, not givin a fuck who left
Dancing the night away
With a soul with a smile that gon' make a brighter day (oh yeah!)
Now I'm feeding off the positive vibes
I'm not gonna lie
When everybody think they know me, they gon' have to assume
(So what we doing)
Twisting doobies in the back of the room
And where I'm at for what I'm actually doing
So let me ask y'all

[Chorus x2]
I don't know how y'all feel about me
But can you feel the good vibes (hell yeah) Can you feel the good vibes
(hell yeah) Can you feel the good vibes
(hell yeah) Can you feel the good vibes
(hell yea)

[Verse 2]
Yo in 10 years your raps not gon' matter
Unless I'm left field or Dizzy Wright right after
Living a life that you niggas obsessed with
Telling my story, this is just another chapter
What you make of a young man working faithfully
Real is something that these niggas can't take from me
Call it what you want, but I know what it is
But you better watch what you say to me
Play no games 'specially if you not family
I wanna live in a country that's pot friendly
One love and positive vibrations
Blessed with a mind that take me to wild places
Give that to y'all
Let y'all run with it
Come get it, if you're down feed off that
Not involved with a lot of things that take me off track
But if you love it then I need your back
Talk to 'em