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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  The Growing Process
Song:   Higher Learning (Intro)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Higher learning, higher learning, higher learning

I heard they praised me for being real, but I don't see the support
Fell in love with changing lives and chose that over a sport
Could've been anything in life and yet I'm out here on tour
Like some day we gonna get bored and we gon' want more
Pretty much prepping myself
For the fans that finna get ahead of they self
When they act like they know everything about me
And all the niggas that doubt me
Come outta nowhere and start criticizing all proudly
Like "hold on nigga, where the fuck was ya'll at?"
Buggin out on me, nigga fuckin' now, homie
Some days I can feel Hopsin's energy rubbin' off on me
Cause the love don't feel real if the talent is only a skill
It's unrealistic to think that one day we won't make a mistake
But who am I to say, it's probably from never taking a break
Finding pleasure in poetry, guitar strings and a bass
Uh, my life ain't been the same while on the run
When these kids say "fuck a message, we just wanna have fun"
Now I move to the beat that confused me for weeks
While ya'll hands high, my head high like hold on nigga you lost me
Then I looked at my Youtube views, and I got salty
Cause I realised my real shit don't get that much love
I see exactly how ya'll do ya'll favourite rappers
Favorite musicians, athletes, actress, actors
Spreading anything without it being the truth
I guess to tarnish someones image these days is the thing to do
But when you stop judging the music
And you decide you wanna judge me on the way I live my life
Cause I'm a celebrity and you can
Don't be surprised if my response to the negative shit
Is telling you to “suck my dick”
I'm a grown ass man
Grew up strong enough to deal with all these so called fans
My momma say I got thick skin
My daddy say they'll never really understand our struggle as kids
Until the end, build off small wins, now here I am

Higher learning
Higher, higher learning, baby
Higher learning
Higher, higher learning, baby
Higher learning, baby, high learning, baby
We learning, we learning, we learning, we learning
Ohh, we learning, ohh, we learning
We learning, yeah