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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  Legendary (Mixtape)
Song:   Diversify
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You know what it is nigga

Different girls up on my mind
So I can not waste my time
Get some numbers on the low
So I had to let you know
That I, I

[Verse 1]
I get girls daily, it's a curse of mine
I'm Dizzy D Flashy
I got a certain fly
I like all kind of girls
I'm diversified
She never gave head
But it wouldn't hurt to try
I'm feelin' good on some feel good music quotes
I smash the music teacher just to hear em' music notes
Excuse me folks
I ain't trying to get X rated
But the only thang on my mind
Is some sex baby
Okay I'm sex crazy
I ain't gon' lie with it
I'm diverse with positions
I like to dive in it
He a minute man
Well I'm about five minutes
But in them five minutes
Shit you might finish
We do this everytime I touch bread
She always on top of a nigga like a bunk bed
My diversity of women make me love head
Cause dumb bread, gets you dumb head


[Verse 2]
Ey yo, life's crazy
Filled with beautiful visions
And I ain't picky
But I like beautiful women
Now I ain't with the sinnin'
But we do it anyway
I'm hella mesmerized
I do what the kiddie say
Dizzy say
It's worth it if you work for it
Clean it up and even do a little dirt for it
Take off my shirt for it
Cause we in person now
I'm diversified, but I'm also versatile
Women like me cause I rap and got that jerkin' style
Freaky nigga in the shower
Bout to tear the curtains down
I'm from a circus town
Filled with them clown dudes
After round one, she too tired for round two
See ya'll dudes is sipping all over your girl
And my niggas
We is pimpin' all over the world
All over your girl
I call it serving time
Always murder mine
Different races I'm diversified


[Verse 3]
Now that I got ya'll listenin'
I got this New York chick
She Dominican
Missionary gotta a nigga kinda missin' it
Flashbacks got a nigga wanting to be intimate
I hate them girls on that fake shit
I need a woman on some I appreciate shit
Not on no date shit
Cause I ain't stable
Relationships in my mind is kinda disabled
Plus I'm not faithful
I'm not gon' disrespect it
But woman start the drama
That's when they getting disconnected
Tryna fall in love is like teaching the biggest lesson
But I'm diversified
So I ain't down for the session
Down for the questions
Trying to psyche me out
I'm like the New Boyz
Cause you ain't gon tie me down
Girls surround me now
Trying to be around the kid
But being diversified
So the sound like this