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Artist: Dizzy Wright x MARK BATTLES
Album:  Lost In Reality EP
Song:   Conscious
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yo, we're here man, four hundred thousand downloads, forty thousand sales, it's Fly America man

[Mark Battles]
Let's toast to the fact that I rose from the cracks
Now they gotta pay me for the shows and the raps
Don't you get too crazy, got my bros in the back
Shout out my nigga Scrap, he'll leave you where you at
But I ain't into that I'm tryna keep it so cool
Said I was the man, well man, that's so true
Even without a signal my messages go through
Said you want it, but I need it, I'm guessing we both do
Told you that I'm here and don't take it for granted
Tryna open up these doors and I ain't being romantic
I dropped pre-season, now they starting to panic
Better tell Bruno Mars that we the best on the planet
I'mma get it 'cause I'm so efficient
With more lines than a coke addiction
This broken system can't hold me victim, I know the difference
Frigid, they scratch their head saying “no he didn't”
Go hard, shut down your bars like the prohibition
My family trippin' 'cause I'm rolling the dice
All the wrongs in my life, I'm here making them right
Yeah it costs to be the boss, that's why I'm paying the price
Turned a dream into a thing, what a hell of a life
It's Battles

Knocking it out this time little bitches

[Dizzy Wright]
Trippy thoughts baby, don't be scared of the future
Don't pretend that you like being somebody that you ain't used to
My flow cold, my mother could see that way before computers
It started in me and now I got game for all the intruders
Cause it's world peace 'till the end of times, smoking weed and preventing crime
Tell em all my niggas finna shine (yo all my niggas finna shine)
Look, when we yelling loud, niggas told me to settle down
I sped up just to leave suckas, y'all fell off, and I held it down
I swear I could sell anything, pretty much too big for anything else
Look, without the wealth I was spitting that shit they felt
And busting shit in the studio in that Vegas heat until I melt
Come back to life, told 'em I got dabs on that championship belt
Nice guy but, I ain't tryna to 2-step with niggas
Them thirsty niggas only make me wanna suplex a nigga (got 'em)
Fuck who you met nigga that dickriding shit is whack to us
Them cool kids that won't change is making motherfuckers adapt to us