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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  Soul Searchin: Next Level (Mixtape)
Song:   Soul Searchin
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Uhh... Rikio on the beat man... Yeah... Uhh, look

Hip Hop, I hope I last
I'm tryna better myself, tryna get better at my craft
& I juss wanna be successful in the game
But I'm always getting caught up in my past
I'm soul searchin (I'm soul searchin)
I promise you, I'm soul searchin (I'm soul searchin)
Man, I'm only soul searchin (I'm soul searchin)
Yeah, I'm soul searchin... I'm lookin for my own person

[Verse 1]
Uhh, I'm tryna find myself in this cold industry
I'm tryna adapt to these pretty hoes, enemy
I'm tryna hit the top, reincarnate Pac
Juss so he can come back to this world, juss to mentor me
I wanna change lives & smoke weed
Aim high & stay low key
See, thats my motto for life, no need for bottles & nights
See, you be following lanes & I be following Christ
I'm soul searchin...


[Verse 2]
Yeah, bring change to the brains of the students
Who know nothing bout loyalty, community & unit
Or make music for the foolish to get ruthless
Lazy niqqas who sit down & make excuses
Damn, the world is filled with opportunity
& musically, all this screaming shit is new to me
I'm thankful but if I'm ever at an angle
& if I don't really respond, its cuz I'm tryna do it suitably
I wanna touch hearts like the Jacksons
& I will cuz I believe in the laws of attractions
I'm attracted to the stuff thats in the basket
You know, the one with cash that the church is always passin
Yeah... Lord forgive me for my actions
My passion is starting to take over me
I'm in this hell hole keeping God close to me
Soul searchin for the older me
I hope you understand...


[Verse 3]
Yeah, I thank God that I ain't God
Thats like having 10 kids & workin 8 jobs
Impossible to the T, follow me to the O
Uplift me with your words & join me at the P
The TOP muthafucka, bad days & hypocrites
I juss started & I'm sick of it
This for the people at the end of it
This is for the Sin City sinners sittin in prison
When they really innocent
I got problems like any other human
So when you see me smilin, its only for my movement
I move minds with my music... easy
Black people, black everything... Jeezy
Niqqas on my side believe in what I see
So when I'm talkin bout I, I'm really talkin about WE
Flashy... but please don't let the name fool ya
This is knowledge spittin game to ya
I'm soul searchin


Uhh, let the mind work... Its juss me & my family
I'd rather win your respect before I go off & win a Grammy
I'm soul searchin... I promise you that I'm soul searchin
I swear that I'm only soul searchin
I'm tryna find myself... I'm looking for my own person