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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  Soul Searchin: Next Level (Mixtape)
Song:   Work on Your Self
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Nah Nah Nah Fuck that
The problem with you nigga is you lazy
You want everybody to do somethin' for you
You live with your momma
You wanna sit up, you don't wanna obey no rules
Complanin' 'bout how it's too hot
Nigga you ain't got no car
You don't wanna get on the bus
Fuck that nigga, that's the reason you ain't got no money
You ain't got no job
Nigga you got to do for your mothafucking self

[Verse 1]
I ain't tryin' to say I don't understand
But I ain't showin' no sympathy for no lazy nigga
All you do is sit at home tweet and facebook and hate on niggas
You complain about your life, like I be in the mood
And your ass was to cool to try and finish school
Now you sittin at home, broke, without shit to do
Tryin' to find a bitch to stick your dick into
I know the game nigga
Ain't nobody have a job for me
So fuck your mothafucking sob story
You see, you shoulda noticed
I keep it real I don't sugar coat it
Can't respect you if all you doin' is smokin nigga
Get it together
Cause ain't no forever in what you treasure
If you don't like to be lectured, nigga, turn my shit off
But just remember when your mind's a little different
You won't be able to turn my shit off
Nigga work on yourself

And you, you can't say shit
See you, you got a momma and a mothafucking daddy
You don't need to be acting a motherfucking fool
That's your choice
You wanna follow the wrong crowd
You act like you don't know right from wrong
Bitch you know right from wrong
I ain't showin' you no mothafucking sympathy either
And that's real

[Verse 2]
I ain't tryin' to say I don't understand
But you hoping like you need to do it
You live at your momma house, got hella food in your kitchen
Only thing is your atitude needs improvement
You don't wanna get a job, but you want fast cash
Your little fast ass need to go sit down
That's the problem
You follow bitches that really got to get it
And you comfortable with the fact that you get around
Fuck That
Your family love back, you didn't love that
Cause you were following behind a nigga, uh
And when they told you vocals like they supposed to
Your ass all of a sudden get defensive
Bitch, please
I ain't goin' beat around the bush
Ain't no man goin' keep you if he could
You ain't gotta do it, it ain't good for a job
Hop your ass on Craig's list and go and look for a job
Work on yourself

Aww, mothafuckers now, now they wanna play the victim
Now mothafuckers wanna play the victim
They wanna act like they mothafucking life, is so motherfucking hard
Nigga, shut up
Don't come over here tellin' me how hard your life is
Nigga, my life's hard too
You don't see me complainin' nigga, I'm making it work
Do the same

[Verse 3]
I ain't trying to say I don't understand
But from where I stand we all gotta work on ourselves
So in the meantime I work on what I can and shit
Well, let God work on the rest
You doin' your best, that's all I can ask for
But if u tryin' to impress, then there go the back door
We don't got time for fakeness, don't mind the hatred
Accomplishin' mine and mine's rise in greatness
I'm workin' on my flaws nigga, authentic with my heart in it
I'm workin' while you at the mall with it
The difference between my grind and your's is I always put my all in it
Ask my momma she raised me, shit
You can ask my city they made me
So you can hate me, I'll be the first to tell
Don't hate me cause you need to work on yourself

I ain't tryin' to be on your head
I mean I-I know ain't nobody perfect
You feel me
But you focus on your negatives, when you should be focusin' on
Your mothafucking blessin's, like
You over here tellin' me a bunch of shit, bringin me down
I just want you to be happy, mothafucker
Don't come over here tryna bring me down and shit
I'm working on my own mothafuckin' self
Straight up