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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  Fall For Your Type (S)
Song:   Fall For Your Type
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Uh, she think like a man, but act like a lady
She got her own apartment, and she drives a Mercedes
The type of shit that make me wanna get together
But I know I ain't shit, and she got her shit together

See the person that I am, in the mirror
Is not the same person that I am, when you here

And they say if she can't accept you, then you need to let her go

They say anything that you truly want, is worth fighting for
But the more you fight, you lose sight of what you fighting for
The fight begins to get old, and now I'm just losing faith
And I got so much build up that I can't even communicate

Now we not talking, 'cause she just think I'm full of shit
And now I'm easily irritated off little shit

I always fall for your type and I just don't understand
But I just don't wanna see the day you got another man

I'll be damned... Uh