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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  Letter to My Unborn Child (S)
Song:   Letter to My Unborn Child
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yeah... This a letter to my unborn child
Now ever since my birth for what it's worth I've been hurt
I feel like a daddy is something everyone deserves
So my child is in it's way, I sorta kinda need you
And daddy cannot wait to meet you and greet you, even feed you
Yeah, so you can eat right. And I'm excited as a man that I can teach life
And man I've seen right what it is
I'll never be a dead-beat cause I can see another man tryina take you in
Ya momma happy that we havin you, and she a handful so I know you bout to have some attitude
But that's cool, cause it's makin me a better dad
And I just wanna be the father that I never had
You, my better half, happy to me, and I wrote this letter just in case something happened to me
So I wanna say stay positive and I love you cause your the best thing that ever happended to me
See ya daddy is a go getta, lifes crazy but I'm young so I'm willin to grow with ya
Am I scared, hell yeah it's a kid. Scary cause their growing in a life full of sin
I hate it, but I gotta deal with it daily so I'm goin twice as hard so a nigga can make it
And if I die, I just want you to know, you always got ya uncle Derrick and PEO
Ya uncle KJ and ya God dad moe, them the men I know is gonna keep you and God close
But I don't wanna go, so I ain't tryina jinx it
Lifes short but I don't plan on leavin, I gotta lot of teachin
Heh, like gotta praise the lord with me, be bored with me, and even watch sports with me
Lord forgive me cause I'm tryin, I know I'm movin fast but I kinda can't help it, I'm excited
If I'm lyin, I'm dyin in this lifestyle. Tomorrows not promised so a nigga livin in the right now
So with all of my heart and with all of my smiles, this a letter to my unborn child