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Artist: Dizzy Wright
Album:  Tha Truth (S)
Song:   Tha Truth
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yo what happened to hip hop
When people used to write for days
Now everybody wanna be Lil Wayne
Wanna freestyle a track
Don't even think about the lyrics they rap
And always talking about busting a cap
What happened to role models
Keeping kids away from the cell
But half of these rappers on radio always going to jail
But we try to teach these kids to be positive
And turn around and be the opposite
And when someone acknowledge it, oh now he wanna start beef
And claim he was raised in the streets
See I was in the streets, literally I was in the streets
Asking God to give me a place to sleep
But I ain't sell weed
I sat back and believed that I was gonna be one of the coldest brotha's on the beat
But shit is getting weak
The game ain't what it used to be
You used to have to have talent, musically
No matter what you look like people used to be contenders
But we made it O.K. for pretenders to be remembered
We have considered to just listen to the beat
And not listen to the lyrics that they speak
So now we like to party, so of course we need party music
But real music, no one hardly do it
I miss good music, even realistic hood music
When niggas talked about real life
And now people try way to hard to be the hardest
Too many rappers, not enough artists
Too much money, is making niggas fearless
Beats is getting better, but I don't hear lyrics
I shrug my shoulders like, "I don't even wanna hear it"
Fuck a major label, I'm a stick to independent
Cause I ain't in it for the fame, I'm in it for the love
Some in it for the girls, some in it for the drugs
Some in it for the sex, But I'm a stay focused
And I refuse to sell my soul to get noticed
People get signed, and you would never know it
Knock them to they lowest, and they won't even show it
Or you could get a deal, and get a lot of fame
And all of that fame, could make your life change
First single was good, second single was whack
Now the rest of your career you spend paying it back
Because nobody cares nothing about you
They only believe that they can get some money out you
But if you ain't generation how they generation
Then it leaves a nigga stimulated
Cause you know your own talents, but you won't hold
And contracts make you controlled
And you can be cold
But if you decide to get bowed
You could get sued for everything you own
So listen
See this is how the truth sounds
I let it out, so I'm cool now
And these tattoos express what I'm into
The life that I live and the shit that I've been through
People say I'm crazy you know that's a sin dude
But it's also a sin to judge my temple
So I'm a do me, and you can do you
And I'm a let God judge the things I do do

Hip hop
It's from the heart man
You know what I'm sayin'
Real hip hop real lyrics real music
It's something we lacking these days
Something we need to get back
We giving passes to these people man
Shouts out to the artists
The real artists
Rappers take notice
Everybody doin' it