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Artist: Danny Brown
Album:  The Hybrid - Cutting Room Floor (Mixtape)
Song:   Metal Gear Solid
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
This raps like Metal Gear Solid
Chrome stay polished
White spots like on Rasheed Wallace
Any nigga think they frolic
This is not a promise
Bust a nigga in the head like Vonage
I smoke chronic
Like a stressed rasta, you are not gangster
You are an impostor
Kick it like Henry
This is not sucka
Spit it so different Brown songs like opera
Fat lady singing, serenading you
Mask like the phantom mothafucka I will stab you
Ever seen a nigga with nothing to lose?
Desert Eagle cocked and it's aimed at you
Temper running short cause his daughter missing meals
Running low on options gotta get it with the steel
Niggas got pills, but we ain't Morpheus
Posted in the hood, 40 on the porch with us
Nigga what's good? What you don't know
Get your free tickets to tonight's murder show
If you want to come through holla at me
Get your VIP RSVP

[Verse 2]
This raps like Metal Gear Solid
Nigga I'm Snake
I detect "bitch-nigga" in your blood trait
Nigga you are dog-bait
Show you how a slug taste
Little cockroaches
Get hit with the bug spray
Sorta like Subway
Nigga losing weight
Front his ass to work
Now you asking where we stay
Give his ass the pump like 10 on 8
Now we leave with pieces like birthday cake
You are not straight
Nigga you are gay
My hair long like Rappin' 4-Tay
Your bitch want to braid it
Say she got skills
But she's just fishing
Want me to fill her gills
Nigga I'mma chill
I ain't really stuntin' you
Meat on her grill
Just like a barbecue
Better call a audible
Switch up your plays
That shit you running get you Blitz 2k
I throw bullets right in the flesh
If you intercept, you got got
Hit you with some shit that you ain't coming back from
Brown tight like 6 niggas in a Maxima
40 count I see 'em holding drunk calcium
Cause your bones ain't breaking we cracking 'em
White sheets wrapping 'em
It's over it's a wrap for 'em
A rap for 'em