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Artist: Danny Brown
Album:  The Hybrid - Cutting Room Floor (Mixtape)
Song:   Stay On
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I will throw you out the window, blaze up some indo
Cut on Ron Browz; Jumpin' Out The Window
The hook come for info. Ask 'em what they here for
Just tell 'em he was listening to Ron Browz
Bob your head. Nigga, don't fight it
I could take a shit in Autotune and you'll like it
Cause good times is far from what I had
Used to look at Thelma like "She ain't that bad"
So cop another bag, break a pill in half
And eat that motherfucker like a cow do grass
Rappers fallin' off. Careers dead and gone, but
"I stay on" [sample]
So live everyday like it's your last, dog
Cause dog, you never know when it's your time to go
So when the block's long, 'member it's a fast life
Up under street lights, hook flashing flash lights
Sittin' on the porch with a 5th of somethin'
Time to pour it up and make it sweeter than before
Tomorrow, we'll be sold, but still get it on, my nigga cause
"I stay on" [sample]

[Chorus: x2]
These niggas fallin' off. We got it for the low
Our block stay clickin', nigga. Yours move slow
You lookin' like you hurtin'. You smokin' on them clones, my nigga but
"I stay on" [sample]

I used to work at spots, make thirty off a hunnit'
I was fucked up at the time like "Run it"
So what, I sold dope. That don't make me who I is
Punked out a couple fights. That don't make me no bitch
Depths of the D. Straight-up out the cage
Danny Brown, motherfucker, out that Bruiser Brigade
Nigga on that no-look thunk shit
These Dunks don't match this fit, so unorthodox with it
If the bitches lookin' at me, cause they know I ain't basic
A blonde bitch could see that, no Lasik
Paint pictures. No need for the tracin'
"I stay on" [sample]
And I be in her walls. One time she almost fainted
Lived in a Slum Village, pussy a little tainted
So I strapped up before I went up in it
I ain't try'na catch nothin', buggin' while I'm up in it

[Chorus x2]